Eve Ship Quiz

EVE@Phase.org has a online quiz and flashcard section to the website. I got a 35% on the ship quiz which shows that I need to study up on my Minmatar, Caldari, and general Tech2 ships as I did not recognize the Gallente Tech2 Interdictor or Combat Recon Ship. How did I miss the Ishkur, d’oh!

20 questions answered. 7 correct.

Ships you recognised:

  1. Megathron is a Gallente Battleship
  2. Golem is a Caldari Marauder
  3. Kronos is a Gallente Marauder
  4. Amarr Shuttle is a Amarr Shuttle
  5. Dominix is a Gallente Battleship
  6. Covetor is a Gallente Mining Barge
  7. Leviathan is a Caldari Titan

Ships you didn’t recognise:

  1. Eris is a Gallente Interdictor
  2. Ark is a Amarr Jump Freighter
  3. Slasher is a Minmatar Frigate
  4. Lachesis is a Gallente Combat Recon Ship
  5. Hoarder is a Minmatar Industrial
  6. Ishkur is a Gallente Assault Ship
  7. Hyena is a Minmatar Electronic Attack Ship
  8. Crane is a Caldari Transport Ship
  9. Buzzard is a Caldari Covert Ops
  10. Flycatcher is a Caldari Interdictor
  11. Claw is a Minmatar Interceptor