Nyx Beauty Shots

I’ve wanted to fly a Nyx since I started playing Eve as I find it to be the best looking ship in the game. It commands respect. I now have the ISK and an almost maxed out Thanatos character to pilot it, but I don’t want to put my main character in a space coffin.

This week Supercapitals and Titans were seeded on the test server. If you have the skills, you can buy a hull for the 100.00 ISK seed price. I was even able to put an deadspace tank on the ship as the Corpum/Corpus modules are also seeded.

Disillusioned at Eve

Don’t worry, I’m not disillusioned, but I wanted to highlight a recent topic on reddit.com/r/eve called Disillusioned at EVE. Can we talk, /r/EVE? If you haven’t been exposed to the r/eve or r/evedreddit you should spend some time reading over the content. The discourse is far more productive and insightful than the pitchfork wielding masses on the Eveonline.com Forums.

The poster talks about his experience amassing a lot of ISK, grinding out in PVE sites, and becoming involved in large-scale nullsec fleet warfare yet still not finding anything truly rewarding. When I started playing Eve in 2008, the end game for me was a Nyx Mothership (this was before the name/role change to Supercarrier). It was a beautifully designed hull that seemed to my virgin eyes as the end game of Eve. Once you pilot that ship, nothing could destroy you. How things have changed…

I have lived in highsec, wormhole space, and now I’m making a home in nullsec. I’d like to reiterate the line that ‘Eve is what you make of it’. Right now I am finding solace in managing corporation financials.

The poster talks about how large-scale nullsec warfare is a lot of warping around, blobbing, and hot dropping. I have no rebuttal to that as being involved in nullsec at the moment, this is what we do.

From reading a lot of opinions over the months, I have come to the conclusion that the PVP experience in wormhole space is keeping a lot of people interested in the PVP aspect of the game. If you look at the numbers coming out of CCP, activity in wormhole space has been increasing since it was introduced.

The mass limitations in the lower classes keep capital ships from traveling between spaces while higher classes limit the capital ships that can be brought for an engagement.  The design of this mass mechanic is truly brilliant and it is what has kept the spark in veteran and newcomer PVP’ers alive.

A few people have suggested to the poster that he should find an active WH Corp so perhaps he will go with that suggestion and find a new passion.

Nyx Supercarrier Cost Estimation

Nyx Supercarrier BPO

Nyx Supercarrier BPO

Nyx Supercarrier Build Cost

Part Quantity Jita Average Part Total
Capital Armor Plates 165 5,325,750.00 878,748,750.00
Capital Capacitor Battery 165 4,426,793.36 730,420,904.37
Capital Clone Vat Bay 220 7,799,999.99 1,715,999,997.80
Capital Computer System 165 5,792,307.69 955,730,768.45
Capital Construction Parts 220 4,199,999.13 923,999,808.27
Capital Corporate Hangar Bay 220 5,962,885.28 1,311,834,761.20
Capital Drone Bay 550 3,779,996.62 2,078,998,142.32
Capital Jump Drive 220 6,200,030.00 1,364,006,600.00
Capital Power Generator 110 3,700,000.00 407,000,000.00
Capital Propulsion Engine 165 4,629,035.61 763,790,875.32
Capital Sensor Cluster 165 4,640,500.02 765,682,502.48
Capital Shield Emitter 110 5,250,000.00 577,500,000.00
Capital Ship Maintenance Bay 220 7,275,998.75 1,600,719,724.56
Total Cost 14,074,432,834.77
Parts m3 26,950,000.00

Nyx Mothership Build Cost

Part Quantity Jita Average Part Total
Capital Armor Plates 150 5,325,750.00 798,862,500.00
Capital Capacitor Battery 150 4,426,793.36 664,019,003.97
Capital Clone Vat Bay 200 7,799,999.99 1,559,999,998.00
Capital Computer System 150 5,792,307.69 868,846,153.14
Capital Construction Parts 200 4,199,999.13 839,999,825.70
Capital Corporate Hangar Bay 200 5,962,885.28 1,192,577,055.64
Capital Drone Bay 500 3,779,996.62 1,889,998,311.20
Capital Jump Drive 220 6,200,030.00 1,364,006,600.00
Capital Power Generator 100 3,700,000.00 370,000,000.00
Capital Propulsion Engine 150 4,629,035.61 694,355,341.20
Capital Sensor Cluster 150 4,640,500.02 696,075,002.25
Capital Shield Emitter 100 5,250,000.00 525,000,000.00
Capital Ship Maintenance Bay 200 7,275,998.75 1,455,199,749.60
Total Cost 12,918,939,540.70
Parts m3 24,700,000.00

Nyx Mothership Estimated Cost: 12.919 B
Nyx Supercarrier Estimated Cost: 14.074 B

Difference: +1.155 B

New Gallente Supercarrier

Here are the Carrier changes to the Nyx as outlined by CCP Abathur in his Devblog Dominion – The Capital Battlefield.

Thananos and Nyx Carriers

Thananos and Nyx Carriers