Nyx Beauty Shots

I’ve wanted to fly a Nyx since I started playing Eve as I find it to be the best looking ship in the game. It commands respect. I now have the ISK and an almost maxed out Thanatos character to pilot it, but I don’t want to put my main character in a space coffin.

This week Supercapitals and Titans were seeded on the test server. If you have the skills, you can buy a hull for the 100.00 ISK seed price. I was even able to put an deadspace tank on the ship as the Corpum/Corpus modules are also seeded.

Inferno Escalation Test Server Changes

Build 362741 has been pushed to the test server, with a branch name of Tranquility. I will attempt to keep a list of changes here so bookmark this post.

Preliminary Size: 306 MB
Launcher update to 1.202
I was prompted for a DirectX install after the Launcher updated.

[Update April 12 13:12]
CCP Goliath non-comprehensive feature list post.

Team Five-0
Security status of drone regions has been rebalanced
Rogue drones no longer drop loot, but have bounties
Incursion site rebalancing
Behind-the-scenes work on aggression flagging, killmails, etc.
Loot-rights UI – container colouring should be more consistent when owners log off/jump/dock
Current iteration of titan changes

Team Gridlock
New file format for objects, with faster loading times

Team Avatar
Buff bar notification panel implemented beside HUD
Chat channels can now be locally cleared and the MOTD reloaded
Your own market orders can now be highlighted. To enable this, a setting checkbox needs to be checked in the market settings tab. The orders marked as yours have “modify order” option added to their menu
Quickbar entries can have text added to them
Your active ship will no longer show as available in Contracts
Deselect/Select all function added when arranging items in contracts
There is now a “Client” submenu in the transaction logs
A few improvements have been made to the quickbar in the market. Now items can be dropped on the quickbar tab, it’s possible to multiselect items in the quickbar, items in the quickbar can be “copied” over to another folder by CTRL dragging them to the folder, and now asset items can be added to the quickbar.
There is a new hairstyle available for female characters.
The ‘Pose’ icons within character creation and re-customization now display a clearer representation of the actual pose.
The “leaf” groups in the market can now be collapsed like all the other groups.
The most common user interface elements used to represent players can now be dragged over to various edit fields to add the characters name.
‘Select Station’ window for remote market orders now has 2 columns, station name and number jumps, and it’s possible to sort the list by either one of columns
Entries in most table like scrolls can be copied with CTRL+c. If entries are selected, only those will be copied, but if nothing is selected and the focus is on the scroll, all the entries are copied.
Hints that only repeated the text in the scroll entry been removed.
There is now a right click option on the group/category trace in market details which allows you to find that group in the browse tab

Team Superfriends
Market now shows Faction/Officer/Deadspace loot

Confirmed Changes

1. Officer/Deadspace/Faction on Market

2. Stealth Bomber V3 Update

Not on Test server yet.

3. Drone Rat Bounties

Drone Queen 1.85 M
Patriach 1.55 M
Drone Creator 1.4 M
Drone Ruler 1.25 M
Drone Controller 500k
Domination Drone 950k
Spearhead Drone 800k
Swarm Preserver 650k
Exterminator Drone 225k
Viral Infector 80k
Disintegrator 95k
Defeator 185k
Atomizer 110k
Violator 87.5k
Strain Splinter 25.5k
Crippler 195k
Striker Drone 205k
Nuker 117.5k
Siege Drone 215k
Dismantler 22.5k
Marauder 21k
Barracuda 13k
Devilfish 12k
Kalestra Cable link

4. Status Effects Notification Panel

Note: Remote Armor/Shield/Hull/Energy do not show up. Only E-war at this time.

Due to resource constraints we did a minimal implementation that is mean to be iterated on based on your feedback. Currently it is only tracking negative effects directed against you (debuffs). The plan is to include more things if this goes well and include assist modules and possibly even damage dealt to you.

The immediate goal is to make aggression against you visible and help you react to those that do. There is a lot we want to do more and we have scheduled time to iterate on this so please keep the comments coming
CCP Frellicus link

Additionally you can right click on the effect and get options for that pilot.

5. Text Trail-off Shading on Overview

It’s intentional and not… the fading is intentional, but it was not really supposed to go out in Escalation but Inferno and the change has been reverted for now. So soon you will see it change back to the way it’s on TQ.
CCP karkur

FYI: This topic is being discussed by our UI designers and it seems like the amount of fading will be reduced a bit to avoid reducing the displayed information.
CCP Habakuk

6. Rumored Drake Rebalance

No change.

7. Missile Launchers

Not on Test server yet.

8. Reload MOTD and Clear options on Chat channels

9. Drone Region Security Status Adjustment

Details in Carebearing 2.0 Devblog.

…worked out on by how close your are to empire, here is a sample of them
Kalestra Cable link

Etherium Reach got hit particularly hard because it was one of the best truesec regions in the game (-0.60 vs -0.64 for The Spire and Perrigen Falls, and just behind Deklein at -0.61, with the next-nearest non-drone region being Branch at -0.51), despite having a direct connection to Empire. It doesn’t have a hisec connection, so it’s more of a Tribute than a Pure Blind, but that’s balanced to some degree by having a connection to both Molden Heath and The Forge. It got the biggest adjustment because its sec values were the most out of line from what you’d expect anywhere else in EVE.
CCP Greyscale link further clarification

10. Engine Trail Consistency

Deimos now has blue trails.

11. Titan Adjustments

Current / Proposed

12. Market Order Highlighting

CCP karkur has confimed that this will be in soon(tm).

“Hmmm… no, the option is not there. It was checked in very recently and was integrated later. You should see it soon :P”

Looks like this made it into build 360692:

Looks a little rough. The highlight is a bar around your order. No editing done to the image below, just a crop.

Looks like there will be a change coming:

2012-04-16 Updated:

13. Bug Reporting Bug

…there was a bug in the SSL initialization that made the client lock up for 30 seconds or so. It’s been fixed so now you can bug report like the wind 🙂
CCP Explorer

14. Contract Select

New buttons for Select All / Deselect All.

15. Rename Quickbar Item

16. Incursion Balancing

Yes, but I need to get more details on this.

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