I wish I could make this shit up

I’m sure everyone knows the tried and true axion of “never trust anyone in Eve”. I’d like to add another axion.

“If you’ve just woken up and have a really bad feeling about something going on, cancel warp, you fucking idiot”

So, get up this morning, look at the stack of linear algebra, login to my Orca pilot to update her skill que, someone types in alliance private chat
“Anyone want these two imperial navy multi-frequency crystals, free?”

I say sure, get a fleet invite, get fleetwarped, which triggers the first alarm bell in my head. Unfortunately, I’m still half asleep, so since my Orca’s aligned to planet VI, and the dude says he’s at planet VI moon something, I let it slide. Orca warps, and I can’t help but notice the moon he says he’s on slide worryingly past as there’s a neutral XXdeathXX spike in local.

So, I land on planet VI, and immediately start realigning to the pos, get scrammed by a loki, bubble goes up, corpmates try to assist but I tell them to hold, they’ll probably lose the two thannys to a hotdrop, set self-destruct and watch as Lebius, my Orca for eight months of W-space, which has survived through all the crazy-ass shit I’ve put it through, including warping past a russian WH pvp fleet, warping past russian dreads and such in a C6, closing a WH w/ a fleet massing on the other side, warping out moments before a bubble fleet warped in on the grav, hauling through a five-C5 link to a lowsec WH w/ a bil of compressed ore, and a huge pile of other things I cant remember right now, explodes. The pod, with +3 implants(o noes!) explodes.

Most people would be angry, but I’ve got this really weird trait. Ever since kindergarten, I’m completely unaffected by losses unless I’m convinced that the other site cheated or went outside predetermined rules, at which point I usually collapse into a complete emotional breakdown and/or start punching things. This was completely within the “rules”. They (probably) had a spy in our channel, they probably fleeted me at that exact moment and had a covops floating outside the bubble to fleetwarp me, counting on that I’d be too lazy to check the actual fleet invite.

So, if you’ll not the sabre on the killmail, I wake up in station, thankfully with all my skillpoints intact. Prasing raath for having me insure my orca, I check my wallet.

170 mil.

Apparently, the Orca wasn’t insured.

I check my mail.
The Orca’s insurance expired just over five fucking hours ago.


Got about a bil in wallet, got an outstanding loan of a bil to pay back, a plex due in 12 hours and an orca, rigged to replace.

Gotta love Eve.

10 Comments on “I wish I could make this shit up”

  1. xikorita says:

    come on you do love the game 😀

  2. Rixx Javix says:

    Damn. Y’know, I’ve tried that trick a few times with enemies of mine but it never worked. Sorry to hear about your loss, seriously that sux. Hang in there.

  3. ellisaudio says:

    LOL!!! Your insurance expired 5 hours ago. That’s a riot!!

  4. Sounds like you have been Awoxed? Just make sure that #### in your alliance gets killed and podded.

    Also, good on you for not ctrl-Q during the warp to save your ass

    • miningzen says:

      How ironic that when Planet Risk said they lost their Orca, that was the first thing I suggested they should have done, but I was too asleep to consider it myself…

  5. maniac69uk says:

    There is a saying “If something seems too good to be true – it probably is” rings true for this incident. Yeah I know little comfort now!

    I had 2 chars doing a level 4 the other night (1 in an Apoc and 1 in a rattlesnake) both with the hardners from the other 4 parts of the mission set. I said to wife “I dont know if I want to do this mission” but she suggested I do it anyway.

    End result… 1 dead Apoc! Luckily the rattle was safe!

    Must have been a sixth sense…

  6. Sard Caid says:

    That’s horrible about the insurance.

    Curious now that someone mentioned it: would your ship disappear before landing if you logged off midwarp?

  7. cailais says:

    5 hours? Ouch that has got to hurt. Time to dust yourself off and get back out there!


  8. Klann Schreck says:

    ouch man. just friggin ouch. Let me know if ya need any help in colonists if you see me around.

  9. Idris says:

    anybody know what happened to staticmapper?

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