To do list

So, apparently at some point I convinced myself that the GPA needed to transfer to my school of choice (hint: it’s bitchin) was .3 higher than it actually was. To those of you I sent contracts with my stuff, along with the words “gotta go, mcdonalds shift starts in an hour….”

I’d like that stuff back. Anyway, with school over and summer started, here’s my to-do list for before Tyrannis:

Planet risk impersonation contest entry
Roc contest entry
personal fiction story (got a plot, can’t decide on a first paragraph hook/perspective/character)
Screw around on test server
start researching into what this researching/invention thing is all about.
dig into CSM backstory
Buy and enjoy Just Cause 2
Enjoy friends/summer.
Pay off 1b loan (put on hold so as to buy enough fuel so I wouldn’t have to screw w/ the PoSes until after physics final a few hours ago)
Trinity post(to be revealed!)
work a reference to reference into a post somewhere.
Setup buy orders for cheap moon goo in insmother, WH it to jita (silly atlas renters selling cheap moon goo are silly)
Spend about 500 mil or so for a few small towers moon mining in a quiet lowsec somewhere. what could possibly go wrong?
Buy two weeks of pos fuel (because there’s gonna be HELLA overcutting first day o tyrannis, and I can’t support eight poses with ten planets (I think))
Get all the towers I need for any expansion in the Pos farm and/or lowsec ready, as apparently they’re on the “We don’t like the market as stable as it is right now, so let’s make these player-made” list.

So, back to my original rigorous posting schedule of “whenever inspiration strikes me”.

One Comment on “To do list”

  1. Jhared Skyfire says:

    Am I crazy for buying a full year’s worth of soon-to-be-ex-npc pos fuel? I wonder about that sometimes. Though, after I get the skills trained up a bit, if We’re able to produce an excess of pos fuel from the planets, I’d possibly be able to sell it to you at the current NPC prices (as I’m quite sure at least some of the pos fuels will increase in price drasticly after the market settles) or market value after PI, whichever is lower.

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