Not the Olive Branch I Expected

As primarily an industrialist, I don’t have a large array of skills placed into Gunnery, Missile Launcher Operation, or rusty buckets such as the Maelstrom Battleship. I can, however, pilot a T2 fit Hurricane. With Triathlon season over and my Swimming team on winter break, I had time to fly in the current CFC Branch Campaign. (Side note: check out this thread and see if you can find me).

A call for Alphafleet came out on comms and I suited up in my Hurricane.

After staging we were out running around Branch and blowing up towers. Our FC for a fleet of about 100 was calm and collected. I can’t tell you how much I do not enjoy FCs that yell and spam commands, “GO GO GO GO LOCK LOCK LOCK LOCK LOCK PRIMARY BLAKE PRIMARY BLAKE PRIMARY BLAKE”. I really only want to hear the order twice for clarity.

Jokes were had, outlandish pictures were posted in local, and while waiting for a a Tower timer, we all started up MS Paint and made drawings of our FC.

Our Maelstroms will blot out the sun!

Capital vs Subcapital ME Levels

While working on some profit numbers for various items, I found that ME levels affect the build costs a little differently for Capital ships than other items such as Battleships or Modules.

A simple example is a battleship like the Maelstrom. For every additional ME level, the material requirements level off. Less Tritanium, Pyerite, Isogen, etc. are required for each additional ME level.

There is a diminishing return with each ME level as it is a logarithmic trend. For a Maelstrom the ‘optimal’ ME is around 15, which is about 2 months worth of research.

Capitals however, are made from Capital Components which are made from minerals.

The material requirements for the Obelisk only change at ME 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 16, and so on. You don’t get any benefit by researching a Obelisk BPO to ME4. You might as  well get it to 5 to remove another Capital Component from the requirements.

I have found the ME charts on to be invaluable for this type of information.