The ‘Maelstrom Hour’ Unit

Raiden. has stood down in Tenal and the CFC is currently working through structure grinding in order to conquer it. According to my intel channels, Tenal will be back in RAZOR Alliance‘s hands in 2 weeks.

I find the current Tenal situation reminicent of the CFC Branch campaign. After a few major battles, White Noise. stood down and the only thing left to do was to structure grind. Hundreds of Maelstroms and Supers were used to blob and grind.

In order to express the magnitude of work that needed to be done, a unit of measurement was coined.

Maelstrom Hour – noun.
The amount of damage a T2 gun, perfect skill, and always in optimal Maelstrom produces in an hour.

20 Billion HPs were required to conquer Branch, which comes out to about 7,407 Maelstrom Hours. Given an average fleet size of 100 Maelstroms, that equals 148 hours of fleet time — or over 6 days of non-stop shooting (credit for this post goes to Lake on for the research).

With sovereignty being looked at in the upcoming expansions, there cannot be more higher HP structures. The answer to this mechanic has always been n+1, bring more of the things.

What are the alternatives?

I’m not an expert on Dominion-style sovereignty warfare so any links to constructive threads would be welcome.

3 Comments on “The ‘Maelstrom Hour’ Unit”

  1. Tom Hoffman says:

    I think outpost conquest should be based on some kind of hacking mechanic more than shooting guns at it. Basically, control the grid around the station either for a few hours with a small fleet of EAF’s present and unharmed (perhaps) or just a couple of ships for a few days, and you hack through the outpost’s security system and it becomes yours.

  2. Bede says:

    outposts are a bit of a bust really, I hope the changes to starbases bring some decent stuff with them, semi outpost with the benifits of pos’s,

    i.e mobilish, dosnt need huge materials list to assemble
    better hanger management on corp side,
    ability to walk around your own place.

    internal corp / alliance market.
    place guns on outside..

    Lastly, why dont you roll some dreads for strut bashing, surely that would save you a bunch on ammo and pilot hours?

  3. Myn says:

    The vast majority of structures are taken by supercarriers. Maelstrom.hours simply show how impossible it is without them. You can see from the speed we took them when resistance buckled that the ehp is not that big a deal once the war is won.

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