Blakey is Back

Hey, remember me? I started to get into WH space in August of 2009 and then started this blog to share information on how to survive, probe, fight, defend, conduct shenanigans and mine in WH space. After a few months, miningzen joined our coporation and dove headfirst into WH space (loosing some ships), making a lot of profit. Over the last year, miningzen has taken over a lot of the routine posts because I started to focus on other things.

This summer I took on the challenge of doing a Half Ironman distance Triathlon (70.3 miles or 113.14 kilometers for YOU people) and I have to say that I did cross the finish (be it 6.5 hours later). I’m a swimmer a heart, get humbled on the bike, and am an average runner. This weekend I’m taking on the Chicago Triathlon for an end-of-season-fun-time-race and then I will sit quietly for a while. With the training/racing season coming to an end, there will be more time for Eve. No more going to bed at 9:30 PM (until Spring)!

Sadly, I currently have no characters in WH space as I am trying out the nullsec sovereignty war gameplay, but I would like to get back into it this fall. Welcome back Blake, we’ve missed you!

Again, if you hadn’t noticed

My corporation, in my CEO’s unquantifiable wisdom, has joined Severance as of two days ago.

In unrelated news, as of a day ago Severance have been wardeced by…

I’ve forgotten their name. But they’re the guys that hide out in jita and shoot people silly enough to not have neutral freighter alts.

Oh, those silly people. Anywho, the change and/or addition of standings added a few more reds to my red list, which I expressed in the usual way:

haav0c > because the number of stabs will drastically increaes target time.
haav0c > hmm
haav0c > o noes
haav0c > ender!
haav0c > i’m red to you now!
haav0c > we have to hate eachother now!
EnderCapitalG > oh snap
EnderCapitalG > WELL UM, I HATE YOU
haav0c > I HATE YOU ALSO
EnderCapitalG > also, you’re neut to me?
haav0c > erm
haav0c > so… i hate you… but..
EnderCapitalG > lol
haav0c > you have no opinion on me but will still probably shoot me on sight.
EnderCapitalG > Oh yes.
EnderCapitalG > We have like… no blues 🙂
haav0c > mmhm
haav0c > right
haav0c > i think someone dropped the ball somewhere.
EnderCapitalG > words of our CEO’s: NAPs are for fags
haav0c > right, right.
haav0c > nice policy.
haav0c > btw i’m technically part of NC right now
EnderCapitalG > we used to be blue to 3-4 pepole in Curse, but WTB got mad and reset us, and got everyone else to reset us
EnderCapitalG > so we’ve been killing WTB left and right \o/
haav0c > gyah, like four reds in channel!
haav0c > lessie…
haav0c > cyberin
haav0c > no suprise there.
EnderCapitalG > lol
haav0c > and morden
haav0c > morwen
haav0c > who has a bitchin alliance logo
EnderCapitalG > lol
haav0c > eeh
haav0c > ender!
haav0c > i’m sorry.
haav0c > i can’t hate you
EnderCapitalG > hahah
haav0c > i feel like there should be a second line there.
haav0c > but i can’t think of the right statment
haav0c > they all sound either stupid or homoerotic
EnderCapitalG > We live on opposite sides of new eden, not like anyone would know anyway
haav0c > usually both.
EnderCapitalG > lol
EnderCapitalG > (no homo)
haav0c > exactly.
haav0c > gyah! perseus!
Perseus Kallistratos > 0/
haav0c > according to my standings i hate you too!
EnderCapitalG > rofl
haav0c > which is awkward! because i like your blog!
Perseus Kallistratos > story of my life
haav0c > i am so conflicted!
EnderCapitalG > lol
haav0c > i’m going back into WH space.
haav0c > can’t you see this hatred is tearing us apart?
haav0c > gyah! reds in jita!

In a perfectly rational manner. Joining puts me in the same corp alliance as Nerevar Dwemor, writer of the german blog If you, like most of America, don’t speak Deutsch, google chrome’s page translator is nothing short of erotic in its page-translating marvels.

Also click that link, I wanna see how far I can artificially shoot his page views up. Give, people!

Another link you should click if you feel like it is Out of Pod Experience. Seeing as there’s no content besides the obligatory “Hi, I’m me” post and the “I wanna be part of the blog pack” post, there’s not much reason to click. Yet.

Actually, I only linked him because he commented on a bunch of apparently-better-known blogs in order to increase traffic and didn’t drop a comment on mine, so this is to make him feel all guilty and such.

Wait, oops, he did and it just got caught by the spam filter because it was literally just his blog. No “I just sent you 50 mil because I laughed so hard” or “my god, I was moved to tears” or any of the other comments I like to pretend I get.

And since this is turning into a link post without me noticing, here’s some neat physics engine shiznit that totally restored my faith in virtual reality before I’m too old to consider using it.

Continuing, here’s my favorite star wars dance music.

The sandwich I had for lunch.

Star Wars Force Unleashed II trailer. (do want)

and goatse my favorite techno song.

In lieu of an actual post

Unfortunately, this week and the next is my finals week(s?), which will ultimately decide how I live the rest of my life. So, in the interests of not living the rest of my live raving under a bridge about internet spaceships for spare change, I’ve not played much Eve this week or the last two. Consequently, I haven’t been able to write anything funny because I didn’t DO anything funny. So, instead of making a post about not making a post and possibly getting into an argument with myself, here’s my thoughts on the alliance tourney participants:

Against ALL Authorities -> chased us out of my first nullsec experience
Agony Empire -> Teachers of shooting, expect “just got schooled” and such from the official commentators.
Arbeitaholics Anonymous -> Why someone would combine the german word for “work” with “ahoics Anonymous” escapes me.
Atlas Alliance ->We rent from them, but still can’t use the JB network and NOIR is currently on contract to “irritate/annoy atlas renters”. Thanks guys!
B A N E -> Batman villian: This time he’s serious.
Beyond Virginity -> I was not aware Virginity was something you could go beyond…seemed more like a yes/no type o thing.
BricK sQuAD. -> “mY dAmN shIft kEY iS bUggeD MaybE soMeonE eLSe SHoUld MAke thE ALliaNce” “Naw man, it was your idea, you should do it!”
Circle-Of-Two -> Have you guys ever tried to define a circle using only two points? It’s harder than it sounds, I keep ending up with ovals.
Cry Havoc. -> sorry guys, it’s spelled with two “a”s and a zero.
Curatores Veritatis Alliance -> Who?
DarkSide. -> of the moooooonn!
Dead Terrorists -> Killed me in an itty V in a lowsec gatecamp and taught me a valuable lesson about hauling fully fit scan ships in cargo instead of just flying the damn things. Also how stupid the idea of tanking a hauler is.
death from above.. -> Much easier to scream than “Death from the side” or “Death from the north!”
Dystopia Alliance -> I take it you’ll be flying minnie?
Electric Monkey Overlords -> In recent studies, monkeys are horrible at Eve and even worse while being submitted to electroshock therapy.
Electus Matari -> First thought: blue chick from Avatar. Second thought: Pokemon.
Erebus Alliance -> Should do much better than Velator Alliance, the commentator favorite of AT0.5
Eve Engineering -> We built this spaceship….. We built this spaceship on poooods and troooolls!
Get Off My Lawn -> Wait wait, don’t tell me, you guys….freighter service? You couldn’t possibly be another nullsec alliance touchy about holding space with a name like that.
GoonSwarm -> by Goonswarm do you mean the one dude with the dread fleet or the alliance who’d really rather that the dude give the dreads back?
Honourable Templum of Alcedonia -> Atlas renters. They’d better be careful if they end up against Atlas >.>
HUN Reloaded -> “Attila: This time he’s pissed off!”
Huzzah Federation -> A federation based off a cheer cannot possibly fail. It’s a rule.
HYDRA RELOADED -> Soon to be seen in the upcoming sequel crossover: “Attila Vs the greek myths. Part two”
Important Internet Spaceship League -> The Unimportant Farmers Tractor League sadly did not qualify this year for various reasons.
Indecisive Certainty -> You just blew, like, my MIND man.
Interstellar Alcohol Conglomerate -> Now thatsh a Conglomerat that I can reshpect!
Intrepid Crossing -> like Washington and the Delaware, only it’s internet spaceships, they arn’t crossing anything and there is no boat to speak of. Informative!
Ivy League -> I will respect both you and Agony infinitley if, if you guys end up against eachother, you both all fly noobships.
Leguinea Romana -> Was there ever a Rome in eve-canon?
Majesta Empire -> Up next in opera:
Manifest Destiny. -> Pah, you north coalition guys think you’re so hot, but all this time you couldn’t even take Venal? Tisk tisk.
Monks of War. -> Think of a monk with a rife. Yeah, my brain disconnected too.
Morsus Mihi -> Don’t think no-one sees you moving into Mostly Harmless space. Coalition my left foot!
Mos Vape Heavy Industries ->Sorry guys, you’re not allowed to setup a PoS and build more ships on the battlefield.
Negative Ten. -> “Because we didn’t really like moving around without being shot at anyway”
Noir. Mercenary Group -> So when AT8 starts you’ll stop camping our system in SBs?
Old Intentions -> Intentions do not, in fact, get better with age. Have fun petitioning CCP to let you put up player-owned stations or whatever the heck your intentions were years ago.
OWN Alliance -> Because you’d feel pretty silly entering “THEIRS Alliance” in a tourney.
Paisti Syndicate -> Misspelling of “pastry”?
Panda Team -> Because “Team Aardvark” wasn’t funny enough?
Pandemic Legion -> Previous winners (yay!) who seem to have members going around exploiting local (boo!)
Perihelion Alliance -> name too hard to pronounce, didn’t read.
Pitch Black Legion -> no matter what subsystems you fit to a legion, it will never be black. Sorry to dissapoint you guys.
Plutonix -> Named after a rock that recently lost it’s planet license.
RAZOR Alliance -> “Really Awesome Zorz Omg Really. Alliance.
RED.OVERLORD -> “Guys, my space and shift keys are stuck” “Just use the period, no-one’ll notice”
Rote Kapelle -> Red Orchestra. Awesome, I love orchestral music.
Silver Twilight Enterprises -> Has anyone ever tried to make twilight silver? It is much harder than it looks.
Snatch Victory -> Again, expect “snatched victory” jokes from commentators
SOLAR FLEET -> Defeating you with the power of clean efficient victory!
Soldiers of Thunderstorm -> Burnin fast, burnin last on the long distant road, through the lost mountains endless so far away from hoooooo- oh, you said thunderstorm.
T o r m e n t u m -> Pronounce each letter individually for desired effect.
The G0dfathers -> /me thought there was only one.
The Kadeshi -> holy shit, there is no way these guys can possibly effing lose.
THE R0NIN ->typ1ng a z3r0 1n 0u4 n4m3 m4k3s u5 l00k c00l.
THE SPACE P0LICE -> n0 w3 r c00ler.
The Star Fraction -> “We couldn’t find an entire star”
The Tusker Bastards -> Two great jerks that taste great together? Nope, they’re still probably jerks.
The Wrong Alliance -> (more mind blowing)
Unaffiliated -> (mind blown again)
Ushra’Khan -> wardecced us about the same time AAA kicked us out of null, months ago. Resulting war was named “The IMU war”. (Infinity Miners Union)
Veni Vidi Vici -> If you already came, saw, and conquered, what are you still doing here? Go find girlfriends.

In closing, why the heck didn’t CCRES enter?

POS Defense in Wormholes C1-6

Not so recently, CCRES came into our wormhole, noticed an orca floating in the shields, killed all our defences and reinforced our tower in case we had forgotten to put strontium in a tower in a dread-accepting enviroment.

The fact that they felt that the lack of strontium was a possibility makes me lose a little faith in the foresight of the Eve wormhole community.

Recently, I was contacted by a CCRES member who told me that they put the PoS into reinforced mostly for fun. Acting on various word cues in his description, I managed to decypher THIS message:

“Our reason was far grander than a petty Orca and what we had in the corp hangar, for the legendary tales of your pvp prowess and twisted cunning in use of cloaky ships was so utterly terrifying that we could not just close the connecting WH but attacked your tower in hopes that having their ships destroyed by your considerable defenses, THEN closing the connecting WH with what few ships remained would be the only way to appease your unquantifiable wrath. Unfortunately, the tower’s defenses had been mostly offlined and unanchored into the corp hangar due to a spy, who after his two year infiltration campaign only now had the courage to act on his orders to mildly inconvenience you, then immediately killed himself out of fear and shame. We were thus forced to put the inconvenienced tower into full reinforced, to better reflect it’s former armed glory until a point in the future where you could reanchor your powerful and majestic defenses.”

Anyway, we had the full compliment so they settled for sending us a mail essentially saying:
“Hey, we put your pos in reinforced looking for free ships, you should probably try this configuration next time”
(For those interested they recommended dickstar)

After the reinforced timer ended we repped the PoS in a rorqual, orca and a few BSs which got MUCH faster once we realized the ending of reinforced meant that we could access the cap rechargers, power relays and energy xfer arrays in the corp hangar.

Anyway, this shite got me thinking. Wormhole territory is fast becoming a shifting battlefield. PoS takedowns, once the product of Amarr BS fleets that passed out at their keyboards firing at abandoned structures, are becoming more frequent and frankly, kinda alarming. Between a friend of mine getting attacked by two dreads w/ BS support fleet, Planet Risk owning then being owned by R&K, and CCRES’s “Stront check” of our PoS, I’d like to give an overview of PoS defense in a wormhole:

You’re screwed.

Here’s a little more detailed and less cynical view:

Size restrictions allow only battlecruiser hulls or smaller, but know that haulers, which can hold cap parts, large towers, fuel, x-large ship assembly arrays and everything else required to build a dread to kill your PoSes, can.
Recommended defenses:
Small guns, some medium guns anchored but not online. BC hulls or smaller usually means your only attackers will have poor dps, so hardeners are recommended. By the time they’ve built a dread you should already be gone >.>

Battleships are allowed in here, good for sites, bad when someone hates you, has a route to you and has a BS fleet handy can be a significant threat to your well-being. Build a carrier and rent/own/know someone who has a carrier pilot handy to scare off/murder/ambush attackers.
Carriers are “allowed” to jump in here, hence you should be prepared. Don’t ask me how, we still haven’t come up with a a counter to a carrier/dread with support fleet.

Essentially, the deeper you go, the more likley you are to be screwed, because the less time attackers have to invest in beating you into the ground. A battlecruiser takedown of a PoS is torture, a BS takedown isn’t much fun, and a dread-assisted takedown is about less than an hour, so an attacker’s time invested in making your life a living hell is much less than what it took for you to get two capitals, orcas, and the other thirty ships you’ve amassed over several months into the wormhole.

Point is, if someone wants you out of a specific hole, they can motivate you to get out. If you fit guns, they’ll wait for your offtime and have RR gangs. If you fit ECM, they’ll bring a dread and sensor boosters. If you go full hardeners, they’ll bring a dread again. If you find the most amazing awesome pos configuration ever, they’ll just starve you of fuel. They can activate all your sites with a scan ship every morning, camp your static, build a dread, any number of things in mind to make you think “boy, I wish they weren’t here or I wasn’t here”. The best defence, IMO, is two fold:

The first and more reasonable method is to have several friends and/or piles of isk to hire several friends. Eve is a spreadsheet game, but is refreshingly simple in combat calculations, which usually amount to “Whoever has the most experienced friends wins”.

The method that, us lacking large groups of friends and a general sense of comradery, is to be ready to be gone. Write the PoS off as already dead, and have the expensive gear in capital ships/industrials. When, not if, WHEN you get attacked by a superior force move to a deep safe you’ve created before deep safes were nerfed(before May 18), and/or make a safe in system and logoff in it. Then, scan your static, which, since you’ve been preparing for this exact situation for a while, goes to a C4 or higher WH and will close exactly after you pass your entire operation through it, once it’s been shoved into cap ships/orcas. If said static has a static C4 or higher, move in, setup the backup pos and either rebuild there or go through the next static.

The third method, that dedicated people of eve will probably do, and do better than me, is to want the hole more. Have an Orca/carrier cloak in system w/ lots of SB hulls, scan ships hulls, and fits. Get 5-10 people in. Proceed to activate every site after downtime, bomb the static periodically and generally make whoever tried to take your hole/lives in the hole you want wish they’d never heard of a local-lacking environment. Take 200 combat scan probes, launch seven, cloak. Repeat every 2 hours or so. Eventually, they will leave. Wait a week. If they come back, do it all again, if they don’t, setup a small pos and put a maint array/hangar in it. Have one big ship and one small ship for each pilot. Pilots logoff in big ships w/ scan ships/SBs in orca and CHEAP haulers/other ships in the small tower’s maint array. Don’t bother putting anything in the small tower’s corp hangar, as anyone who finds it will try to put it into reinforced, making removal of the stuff difficult. Don’t worry about defenses, again, if someone wants the tower dead, it’s dead. Make sure to have stront, and if the dudes come back lookin for trouble, unanchor the pos (using a cheap hauler w/ SB support), stuff it in the Orca and go back to step one. Repeat as necessary until they stop coming back and you feel safe enough to anchor a large pos and/or keep living out of orcas/capitals. Use any spare orcas/carriers to collapse the static at inoppertune times, and restock your equipment (using cheap haulers) at 5 am their time and/or downtime. Bubble the static and cloak SBs nearby.

People attack your wormhole because they’ve either been hired to do it, they want your sites, or they’re just bored. The bored will leave, the hired will eventually stop working for the hirer, and the people that want your sites won’t get your sites because you activated all the sites every downtime. An Orca, a few scan ships and SBs w/ fits is not expensive at all compared to WH sites, so you can make their lives irritating w/ very little expense on your end. The person who wins will eventually either be the person/people who get bored first. Or, someone runs out of money. Who’s gonna run out of money first, the people w/ covops cloaks or the people who can’t cloak while they fight sleepers or mine?