Sometimes you get back on the horse…

and sometimes the horse kills you twice and molests your wreck.

Most people can guess where this post goes from that title. SO!

As the earlier short burst of fiction suggested, I’ve moved into a C4. It’s technically a corp op. I say technically because I’m the only person actually IN the WH and it was technically funded by the corp.

I say technically because I took 300 mil out of the corp wallet and gave the reason “Misc. Expenses”. Thanks, director rights!

So, step one, get a tower. 187 mil (holy damn!)

Step two: various defences. 40 mil (dickstar)

Step three: Buy pos fuel for a week or five. 100 mil (damn you, PI! Or rather, damn everyone not doing PI[me included] and the people who stockpiles getting filthy rich)

Step four: Buy ships. 250 mil. (domi x3, geddon, 3 salvage catalysts, three backup scan ships, one SB, two covops)

Step five: Buy fits. 70 mil. (t2 RR, energy xferr, t2 drones. The two alts I’m moving in with can’t shoot…well…anything, so gonna go w/ RR domi and hope the drones work)

Step six: Buy misc items. (fitting mods, hull reppers, spare probes, more spare probes, probe LAUNCHERS, spare drones, shield reps. If you want to be nitpicky, I got three jumps from jita before remembering the probes and all the way to the WH before I remembered hull reps)

Step seven: Fit it all into the orca. (erm…)

Step seven and a half: Buy 27 giant secure containers

Step seven and three quarters: Ditch half the strontium.

Step eight: undock

Step nine: redock and buy something you forgot

Step ten: undock and get three jumps before remembering something else.

Step eleven: make it to the WH in the orca and jump through to the chosen WH (keeping in mind all WHs in the link are occupied and you’re essentially a meals on wheels to them.)

Step twelve: Anchor the tower.

Step thirteen: Realize you’ve forgotten nitrogen isotopes.

Step fourteen: DAMNIT!

Step fifteen: Realize you’ve forgotten an industrial or two.

Step sixteen: Kill two birds with one stone, go BACK to jita, buy ship, buy isotopes, go back in.

Step seventeen: Realize that it’s four in the morning.

Step Eighteen: anchor the corp hangar

Step nineteen: micronap.

Step twenty: wake up and being to hallucinate. Online corp hangar, anchor and online maint bay, store ships and items.

Step twenty one: The pos defenses agree to anchor themselves while I get the domis and other big ships in. They don’t, but when I get back the PoS promises to make sure they do by the time I wake up.

Step twenty two: bed.

So, defenses up, I fit the domis for RR and cap xferr and tank. The geddon gets four pulse lasers and three tachyons, because I’ve forgotten sleeper BS’s range and not because I’ve forgotten to buy fit rigs and more than four tachyons.

For those who haven’t gathered, I’m running three accounts. The relationship is like the food pyramid. Haav0c is the delicious dessert section and hardar and herleena are the grains, who have cap xferr between then and distributing RR and drones. In null, I was able to fit haav in a geddon for full on gank, which was stable with a med xferr coming from one of the domis. This was incredibly powerful as the domis were also fitted for sniping at 100km w/ sentrys, which made all the anomalies look like this when I was done:

Anyrate, using this setup put out hella lot of damage with ten sentry drones and tachyons hitting the silly BS null rats who slowboated straight towards me in a perfect reenactment of the charge of the light brigade, which resolved itself with superb historical accuracy when everything but me exploded.

So, warp into a site. The sleepers are 140km away. They start shooting, I start repping, everything’s froody. We start slowboating towards each other. Since I’m in one of those silly velocity increasing WHs with hits to targeting, I have to get within 70km to target. All the whole with two sleeper BSs hitting me.

The RR logistics works well, and I finally start hitting the BS who looked at me funny. It explodes eventually.

Unfortunately, the three sleeper BSs that spawned just after that sleeper exploding painfully reminded me of how painful sleepers are. Clearly, my perma-running two large RR wasn’t going to be enough. I managed to get all three accounts out, tho.

I pull the hole closing domi I brought with me out and refit it into a mirror of the other two domis, three energy Xferrs, three RR, full tank in lows and cap rechargers in the mids. I warp to a planet and practice swapping all four reppers to one target.

So, full of confidence that nothing can possibly go wrong, I warp in. Haav0c DCs.

I manage to warp the other two out, tho; so I try and do a dual-logoff thingy to get me 100000km away, despite not knowing how to do it.

I log on haav, enter client and immediately clock the little “close” button in the upper right. I wait ten minutes, log back on, and I’m in a pod sitting in my domi wreck.

So, lacking another dominix or an exit, I bastardize my poor geddon into a RR droneboat. If the fit you’re thinking of makes you wince, you’re not far off.

Warp in, Start setting up the energy xferr chain. Haav starts taking armor damage. I set three RRs on him and go back to trying to set up the energy xferrs.

Hardar runs out of cap.

Haav runs out of reps.

Haav explodes.

Hardar and Herleena flee.


Welcome to WH space. Again.

17 Comments on “Sometimes you get back on the horse…”

  1. Rixx Javix says:

    Good grief that made my head hurt! It sounds horribly complicated and… well complicated, so I’ll continue with the only good WH is one that leads somewhere interesting policy.

  2. Jaggins says:

    Love it! You’ll be rocking the C4 in no time.

  3. Laedy says:

    Nice write up, was very funny and painful at the same time πŸ™‚ Now you’ve gone this far, don’t give up! Good luck m8

  4. Kyvon Glarner says:

    my corp set up in a c2 for some reason, theyve been in c3, and ive soloed lived in c3 before. so im trying to get them to move into a 4. and ill then bring out a carrier to help them ^_^
    i know some other corps who bring in caps just for the bonus in sleeper BS drops πŸ˜€

  5. Latrodanes says:

    Wow!! Triple-boxing WH ops. Dude, no friends? I mean, I dual-box some high-sec exploration stuff, but for anything more, I’m bringing somebody else in.

  6. Iree says:

    Having lived in wh’s for aaaaaages and spending most of that time in a C5 with C4 statics i seriously advise you to invest in a tech 3 ship, preferably the tengu. It may complete the sites perhaps more slowly than your current setup but it is by no means slow and furthermore it will easily solo tank most C4 sites without too much ISK going into faction goodies.

    On the matter of sites, if you want to make money quickly then i suggest the frontier barracks as the best combat anomoly, although this site can be slower due to its last wave being RR if you can overcome that quickly enough the amount of BS class sleepers in the site make up for it.

    I appreciate your pain with moving as well having recently moved about 30 people from one C5 to another for a better static. It was a logistical hell ive previously been lucky not to know.

    Anyway, good luck with your WH time and btw i wish you’d travelled through my WH with that orca, sounds juicy. πŸ˜›

    • miningzen says:

      I trained for a legion… any good?

      • Iree says:

        Yeah they worked, ive flown them in C4’s but only in groups, you need to speed tank with legions somewhat, it cant just sit there and take it like the tengu. Theres no problem with hat except for the fact that quite a few sleeper frigs web, but if you can find and destroy those first you’d be set.

  7. ellisaudio says:

    Great Post,

    You will need 4 (or more) remote repair modules running to keep a BS alive versus C4 WH sleepers assuming a Cataclysmic variable. I have done this MANY times. IME, the Mag sites are the most difficult. The only time I have lost a ship in C4 sleeper site is when I move my ships beyond energy transfer range… then…. well… pop. Unfortunately, I didn’t learn the first time. I believe I have lost 3 ships to sleepers in this manner.

  8. paritybit says:

    You know they fixed the double logoffski routine, right? When you log off while in warp, you will complete your current warp before performing another emergency warp.

  9. Klann says:

    haav0c, just join ccres and get it over with you know we all love you.

  10. Lamthara says:

    this remember me when i decided to try the wh, i choosed one with a highsec static and i stayed there for 6 months, alone, trying everything Eve could offer (but relationships :)… mining, invention, complexes, gas harvesting, manifacturing, etc etc etc.

    And it’s exactly in this way… you pack everything you start to go and once you’re in you “remember that you forgot” X or Y and you have to go back leaving the POS still weak…. or fearing the exit will close or anything else.

    Btw.. good luck there and greet those sleepers by me πŸ™‚

  11. Fit some invulns in your midslots and a TP, then go out with us when we hit the sleepers. We will shield tank your domi whether you like it or not.

  12. Cazos says:

    Ride a donkey. Shorter legs.

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