I’m sorry,

but I’m starting college sophomore year… today. to be precise, Deutsch eins starts in an hour or two. I’d list the rest of my classes, but I don’t think I should talk about “constructing theoretical proofs” before I know what that is.

So, the sorry bit: I can’t keep playing Eve as I’ve had limited success keeping the school plate and the Eve plate spinning. Logically, this cuts back on the posts I can make. With any luck, blake will remember he has a blog and continue posting 😛

I’m gonna devote 3-4 hours each weekend to keeping the PoS farm going, accounts plexed and thus the skill que a-trainin, so by winter and/or summer break I should have three carrier pilots ready to ruin some sleepers/nullsecers day.

I wish I could keep the funny up, but…well…Life’s a bitch. And CCRES, if you reinforce my towers just because I’m only on a few times a week, I swear I will do everything I can to make you mildly annoyed.

I’ll be back on December 18th, and if that fails I swear I will be back the week before and during April first. Daddy’s got something planned 🙂

And does anyone know how long it takes in a dorm before you get absolutely sick of ramen?

4 Comments on “I’m sorry,”

  1. Klann says:

    jsut give us a route to you, and we wont reinforce them. we’ll remove them for you so you dont have to wonder. lols

  2. stealthy says:

    rem mac and cheese is the other dorm food group besides beer

  3. Panthe Tek says:

    Ramen: Two and a half days if you’re a tough nut and eat it at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  4. Vizaka says:

    Haha ramen will give you cancer, i strongly prefer easy mac, it makes you feel less poor as well! 😉

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