Know your ship types

Sooooo…. goonies collapsed.

Anyway, not that I really don’t care about an extremely aggressive environment where everything can be going swimmingly up until the point that you lose everything to a force so overwhelming that you almost logoff out of fear, but I’ll stick with my extremely aggressive environment where everything can be going swimmingly up until the point where you lose ALMOST everything to a slightly overwhelming force that usually leaves within 24 hours. Moving on, knowing your ship types.

I’ve already whined about not realizing that an Onxy was a Heavy Interdictor, and back when we almost lost the Rorqual I thought that a Falcon was an interceptor and spent most of the fight wondering how the hell an interceptor was permajamming me. Anyway, my big reason/exciting event you guys come here to read about happened last night.

A corp mate was mining while I was managing PoS shenanigans when he called combat probes. He made it to the PoS and got into his Cheetah while I took my Buzzard to the static C5 to see if the probes had come in from there. In the static, it’s static C2 had closed so we were a bit perplexed as to how someone had come in through here, until we found an incoming C5. Since we still had the same number of sigs in system as we had a good hour or two before the gank, we assumed someone had poked their head through and gone back out.

Great, now I’ve gotta beat myself over the head with a cloaking device.

Anyway, we decided that the best course of action would be to pick up the two or three cans of crokite and hole up for a few hours at which point we would try and close the C5. So, not stupid/crazy enough to take the Orca out for pickup, we moved an impel and itty V into the belt only to have a Sabre drop in on us, drop a bubble and fly out.

Now, my first impulse when stuck in an industrial (top speed is about 100m/s) in a warp bubble(usually 10km radius) is to take my hands off the keyboard and make a nice sandwich. You know, something with gouda and salami, mayo and some mustard, then come back and see if anyone else survived that could scan an entrance. But, after a few seconds of contemplating of which meat to use for the snack, I noticed that
A. The sabre had warped 40km away, meaning that this warp bubble was the stationary type and
B. I was pretty close to one of the bubble edges.

Slamming on the 1mn AB that seemed like a stupid joke at the time, my thought process of which cheese to use was completely shoved aside by the thought
Dutifully puttering towards the edge of the bubble, I looked back and noticed the impel trying to pull a logoffski, which apparently doesn’t work while in the middle of a sphere designed to inhibit warping off. A mid-sized fleet warped in, and started pounding on the impel while my scrawny t1 self continued puttering away. The impel popped about the same time I cleared the edge, and I attempted to warp away only to be oneshotted by a stiff breese from the nighthawk present.
The only difference between this annoying gank and the many, many, many other ganks I’ve been through is that there was a warp bubble present and I still managed to get my pod out, so I’ll take whatever win I can get. I scanned a new entrance, we got the impel pilot back in, and plan to start mining again once the unnoticed K162 in our system we hadn’t noticed vanishes.

Anyway, knowing that the Sabre was a regular interdictor instead of a heavy interdictor probably would have helped me maybe get the rigged itty V out as well as an empty pod…

This has been mentioned before, but ‘m gonna throw it up anyway. Handy little quiz on knowing ships.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to make a sandwich.

3 Comments on “Know your ship types”

  1. Sheial Tarlien says:

    awww cant reach 20 questions in 60 sec, best i could manage was 15/15 =( damn my man fingers.

    sounds like good lessons to learn tho =P

    btw is it possible to place drag bubbles above/below belts that u mine at? assuming u have general idea of what direction them holes will be. seems like a good way of pushing reaction time.

  2. evemonkey says:

    If it helps at all, the bubbles from interdictors and HIC’s look different. the HIC bubbles (if you have all your graphic effects up) look more transparent and the interdictor bubbles are slightly more opaque. hard to tell the difference unless you’ve seen them next to eachother many times I guess though.

  3. Chris says:

    LMAO i love u’re stories dude honestly!

    Why the hell do people logoff, its basically just as bad as spamming the warp button on a celestrial,and atleast if that doesnt work u have time to atleast try to reach an end of the bubble.

    I had an awesome run to nullsec earlier, right before downtime decided to take my BRAND NEW prorator down to our new nullsec home, and considering it was packed full of rigs and a repackaged hulk with all the t2 fittings, we’re talking a cool 250m cargo and 112m ship + fittings, and 4 jumps before i reached home, and 3 minutes before downtime and the alliance intel channels pretty much empty, i got f*cking drag bubbled right next to a raven… WOW talk about scared shitless he was 2700m from my ship LMFAO sitting right in the middle of his small bubble lol.

    Nothing like looking away from the screen to go grab breakfast before realizing, wait im in a cov ops transport… HE DOESNT SEE ME!!!!!

    Lesson learned, don’t give up till your actually dead 🙂

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