Basic Skills

I recently started a 3rd account and after training the Evemon recommended learning skills up to their recommended level, I needed to start thinking about what to do with the character. He is going to be a Caldari focused PVP character since my other two characters are all about Industry. I wanted to share my research on basic PVP skills that every pilot should have before stepping into a Battlecruiser or Battleship.

Learning Skills:

  1. Analytical Mind IV
  2. Clarity IV
  3. Eidetic Memory IV
  4. Empathy I
  5. Focus IV
  6. Instant Recall IV
  7. Iron Will IV
  8. Learning V – Evemon recommended this to IV yet I trained it up to V. Getting it to V takes a a few days off your overall time if you plan on having your character for over a year.
  9. Logic IV
  10. Spatial Awareness IV

Primary Skills:

  1. Engineering V – Maximize the power core
  2. Electronics V – Maximize the CPU
  3. Energy Management V – Maximize the capacitor capacity
  4. Energy Systems Operation V – Maximize the rate at which the capacitor recharges
  5. Energy Grid Upgrades IV – Reduce the CPU requirements of installing power modules
  6. Mechanic V – Maximize hull strength
  7. Shield Management V – Maximize shield capacity
  8. Shield Operation V – Maximize the rate at which the shield recharges
  9. Hull Upgrade V – Maximize armor strength
  10. Repair Systems V – Operate the best armor and hull repair modules

Secondary Skills:

  1. Drones V – Control up to 5 drones
  2. Targeting IV – +4 targets
  3. Long Range Targeting V – Maximize targeting range and opens up Sensor Booster II (@ IV)
  4. Signature Analysis V – Maximize targeting speed and opens up Logistics and Recon Ships (@ V)
  5. Navigation V – Maximize sub-warp speed
  6. Evasive Maneuvering V – Maximize ship agility
  7. Acceleration Control V – Maximize afterburner and microwarp drive speed boost
  8. Cloaking IV – Allows you to use Covert Ops Cloaking Device II which is good for Covert Ops ships.
  9. Propulsion Jamming V – Minimize warp scrambler and stasis web capacitor requirements

After these three groups are train up, I will feel comfortable focusing on Shields and Missile skills in order to make this a good Drake/Raven Character.

13 Comments on “Basic Skills”

  1. taoi K says:

    Great info, I need to do the same thing for a scanning alt.

  2. “After these three groups are train up, I will feel comfortable focusing on Shields and Missile skills in order to make this a good Drake/Raven Character”


    If you are going to make a Caldari PvP alt for the love of god consider doing Hybrids first so you can aim for a decent Rokh, and then go back and get the missile skills.

  3. Calderus Rex says:

    Excellent discipline to train all of those core skills first, before going to weapons systems.

    Also, what Kirith said, or, better yet, train up any of the other three races if you really want PVP-focus (not PVE) and the most options for ships to fly. Generally speaking other three races are considered a bit stronger, depending on what you’re doing.

  4. manasi says:

    Bro hold the damned phone. Caldari PvP pilot? DO you mean a Caldari PvP ship? There are only a few.

    Go Gallente ships…they have rails and blasters. Your selection of PvP ships in the Gallente ship line is immense, compared to the Caldari where you have 3 maybe 4 ( Moa, Ferox, Rokh…sometimes a Drake as a bait ship )

    Avoid the Caldari ships for PvP…try the Gallente, or the Amarr you will not be sorry.

    As a PvE ship the Caldari line excels just much more limited in PvP ships.

  5. stopped reading after “caldari focused pvp character”

    try minmatar, amarr or gallente for pvp but not caldari

    lolcaldari ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. kyvon says:

    checking in to agree with all previous posters… i fly amarr personally (cuz im lazy to keep buying/shipping ammo) but gallente is good to, i mean a PVP domi is amazing, drones for damage, highs for neuts/nos, mids for tackle, lows for tank.

  7. kEwL dOOd says:

    OMG You Fail!

    Ahem, it’s my first comment so I thought I’d have to lead with something dramatic.

    But seriously, Drake/Raven for PVP? Maybe a POS basher (torp raven) or a low risk gate camp ship (HML drake), but honestly there are better PVP ships (cough: not missiles :cough) with any of the other races. Don’t get me wrong, I have two characters with Caldari BS 5 and I wouldn’t change it of I could, but for PVP I encourage you to pick any of the other 3 races.

    Unless you want to do ECM.


  8. Blake says:

    Wow I didn’t know there was such strong feelings against Caldari PVP. I thought a Drake/Raven in WH space would be WTFOWN time. My primary character is a T2 fitted Domi pilot so I am very familiar with Blasters/Rails so I’ll take my alts down the same path.

  9. Latrodanes says:

    Dare I say it? Yes, yes I will. “Where are the EW skills?”

  10. Try amarr, they have amazing recon (curse), HAC (zealot), BS (geddon, apoc), CS (damnation), dread, carrier. The only poor ship is probably their T1 frigs :p
    It’s a nice change to fly amarr after gallente.

    and well, it’s not so much caldari hate but missile based setups are really inferior to turret based ships for pvp. On top of that, armor tank is arguably better than shield tank and that’s why people go “lol caldari pvp”.

    The only thing caldari had that was really specific and good was EW, but it’s been nerfed to shit so ….

  11. Well I was going to write a comment and then it turned into this

    [url=]Racial PvP discriptions and skill suggestions[/url]

    and just in case I messed that attempt up the url is below

  12. Well I was going to write a comment and then it turned into this

    Caldari ECM has not been nerfed that badly Mr Randomreader ๐Ÿ™‚

    Still very viable in most any fight, just not at the LOL range it used to be.

  13. Sheial Tarlien says:

    a falcon alt would definitely have its uses if that’s the type of pvp you have in mind. I imagine a ECM boat, even if its just a scorp or blackbird would be nice if you were pressed into a fight in WH (thanatos rescue maybe?)

    Falcon aside, drakes / cerb / inties / light and heavy dictors are some of the hot topics for caldari pvp.

    Cant really recommend caldari BS for anything other than pve either.

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