Stackable Blueprints

When I started doing industry jobs, I found it very annoying to constantly look up the item details for each blueprint and I often lost my BPOs in a sea of BPCs.

After looking on the forums, I found that many people were asking for a icon change. CCP’s response was that their look-up query for blueprints was very database heavy (costs a lot of resources) and there would need to be some major reworking of their database structure and query code to give the client the ability to quickly differentiate blueprints.

Here I was in 2008 getting annoyed while I found forum posts dating back to 2004 asking for this change!

With Incursion 1.5 (May 2011), the icon change for BPO/BPCs hit Tranquility and I rejoiced because my industrial life was forever changed. Simple change with a large impact. I believe than when they transitioned to 64-bit numbers for items, some work was done to rectify the database query and code was cleaned up.

I would like to rally all industry people for another change. For any person that does industry, you work with a large number of blueprints. I would love if there was the ability to stack items of similar ME/PE.

Here is a mock-up of two versions of stacking for blueprints:

The version on the left seems to be easier on the eye as the information is displayed in a banner format at the top.

CCP, here is your Agile user story:

As a person that performs industry jobs, having a way to organize a large numbers of blueprints would declutter the UI and simplify working with them.

Put that in your backlog and work it into a Sprint planning meeting.

Jita Promenade

The Facts

According to a CCP responce on the Eve forums, we now know that Establishment will not be included in the Winter expansion.

Sadly, the Establishments feature will not be coming in the winter expansion. We hear you guys loud and clear and realize that there is still strong support for a multiplayer, avatar based experience in EVE (we also hear those that don’t want it). However, we think you’ll agree that it has to be a compelling experience and there was a feeling amongst our people that the direction we were taking with the Establishments feature was… well, not that fun. Additionally, we wanted to ensure that our rendering technology was finely tuned to a point that would ensure all of your characters continued to look great while performing well.

It’s humbling to see the support in this thread for a multiplayer Incarna experience and we are still committed to providing it, as and when it’s ready. We want to take the time to do it right and ensure you guys get something that is both fun and involving. There are no promises about when this will happen, just rest assured that while you are enjoying your space based updates this winter, there will continue to be movement on this.

CCP Solomon

I’m completely fine with that as I agree with CCP Solomon’s statement. The current Incarna engine lacks the complexity and efficiency to properly render an area with multiple characters. Try running three Captain’s Quarters at once. Even on my semi-modern GTX260, it is unplayable.

Internal Effort

I don’t understand why CCP chooses to reinvent the wheel.  The Incarna engine and the impending delivery of the new font are examples of code that could be licensed and used from other sources. I would have picked a proven engine such as the id Tech x or Unreal for my own needs, but hey, perhaps it was more cost effective to build it in-house (I won’t begin the World of Darkness discussion).

Given that we are forging ahead with the current engine, improvements will be needed.

The Vision

The design for the common areas should be modeled after iconic arenas that we have seen in modern Science Fiction shows; the Babylon 5 Zocalo and the Deep Space 9 Promenade are leading examples of the services, density, chaos, and intrigue that a public space should bring to the game experience.


There are going to have to be some smart designers implementing this vision. How are they going to design a space where the population of Jita can interact in a common public area? I can’t fathom right now.

Is there going to be a hallway with 1,200 doors — one for every person docked? What if there are two floors and 100 people are moving between them all at once? Engaging social and technical problems. I can’t wait to see some concept art and blogs about this idea.

Waiting Game

I am fully willing to wait 1-2 years for a finished public space to hit the server if we can work through such laundry lists as the ones proposed for the Winter expansion.

For further commentary see the Jester’s Trek post on Establishments.

Quafe Commemorative Casual Wear

I paid some real world dollars to be able to watch the Eve Fanfest action over the HD stream. It was actually quite enjoyable on the living room television.

When I purchased the HD stream, I quickly clicked through the payment windows and there was some mention about a T-shirt.

Silly me, I thought I was getting a neat Quafe T-shirt in the mail in a few weeks. I checked my apartment building’s package room a few times after Fanfest ended in anticipation of the present and what I actually got were some pixels after I logged into my main character’s account.

Sure, why not? *click* Now I have some digital T-shirts sitting in my hangar.

I suppose that I should hang on to the items since they have gone up in price since they were put in the game.

I am however, left wondinering what this means for the furture of Eve. Are we gradually going to accept the new role that these types of items have in the game? I feel that items like this T-shirt, and especially the free Aurum that was introduced to players via the reward system for uploading content to, are doing nothing but bringing the Aurum concept into our lexicon.

CCP Incarna Project Manager: People are not on board with the new currency!
Employee: Um, what if we just start giving it away? Perhaps for doing something easy like uploading some content for us?
CCP Incarna Project Manager: Make it go!

The problem with immersion

It’s been a while since any talk of walking in stations, so I thought that I’d stir up the riverbed.

The problem and fix, in CCPs esteemed opinion, is that players think of their ship as their avatar, and to fix that they’re going to give us all 3D avatars of whatever characters we made at the beginning of our respective careers, presumably wearing the same face that you see in profile, which should lead to some interesting in-station conversations with someone constantly looking to your right.

Anyway, I’d like to say that walking in stations is a horrible idea in any way it could be implemented, but I’m confident that CCP has thought of something I haven’t and everything will work out. Based on the information I have currently, however, I’m fairly certain Incarna is going to be horrible.

The first, and most glaring issue I have is the trade system. Currently, you dock and whatever items you wish to buy or sell are magically sold and/or bought, the moment you dock.


In a walking in stations world, you would have to leave your ship and walk to the market, and perhaps stop by the gift shop on your way out. This will only serve to add another step to the buy low, fly somewhere, sell high process, alternatively the buy at high prices, go off and get killed, buy another damn ship process. I think that the twitchy ADD sufferer in all of us will agree that adding more steps to any process that must be accessed several times a day will become irritating.

Alternatively, CCP could visualize the mountain of complaints from the twitchy people and make it so that you wouldn’t have to leave your ship for trading, ensuring that 95% of the people would never leave their ships, since the only reason they docked in this station out in the boondocks was for the cheapest vexor in the region. Considering this would be the equivalent of hiding all the work they’ve been doing on this project for who knows how many years under a black tarp,  I’d guess that most of the designers would stick their hands in icelandic/russian/shanghai beehives (second and third varieties exceptionally painful, bees that can make hives out of metal and ice sound scary as hell)  before not making us notice the work they’ve been doing.

After watching the minute twenty second section of CCP talking about walking in stations last fanfest(@ 53:00), I was filled with more doubt. On the first point of running your own establishment:


If you want to sell something, you make it as visual and as available as possible. In Eve, this generally means logging in every few hours, cancelling your sell orders and relisting them as .01 ISK less than the jerk who undercut you by .01 ISK. You do not bury your stuff inside a station and make someone walk there by themselves when they are already trying to buy that nanite paste and get out as fast as they can. Now, if they used the establishment as, say, a trophy room, that could work.

Hunting NPC outlaws:

With what? Will my gunnery skill translate into a pistol? Will I have five hobgoblin IIs following me wherever I go?(If so, walking in stations is going to be BADASS). Or will I use some sort of diplomacy to convince someone with a bounty on their head to turn themselves in? Again, either it’s not as profitable as ninja salvaging or something else that a new char could do, and no-one does it, or it is more profitable and people do it and complain about how silly it is.


That Eve poker thingy. Already have it. Alternativley, this might actually work, assuming there’ a craps table that has billions of ISK in liquid form for when that rich dude finally wins.

I admit, the option to walk around gleaming steel and see others walking around, maybe talk to them, and possibly have to walk to the clone bay will be pretty immersive, but again, all it’s doing is adding unnecessary steps to the standard processes we use today. I’m open to walking in stations being a good plan but it seems less and less likley the closer it comes.