Quafe Commemorative Casual Wear

I paid some real world dollars to be able to watch the Eve Fanfest action over the HD stream. It was actually quite enjoyable on the living room television.

When I purchased the HD stream, I quickly clicked through the payment windows and there was some mention about a T-shirt.

Silly me, I thought I was getting a neat Quafe T-shirt in the mail in a few weeks. I checked my apartment building’s package room a few times after Fanfest ended in anticipation of the present and what I actually got were some pixels after I logged into my main character’s account.

Sure, why not? *click* Now I have some digital T-shirts sitting in my hangar.

I suppose that I should hang on to the items since they have gone up in price since they were put in the game.

I am however, left wondinering what this means for the furture of Eve. Are we gradually going to accept the new role that these types of items have in the game? I feel that items like this T-shirt, and especially the free Aurum that was introduced to players via the reward system for uploading content to eveisreal.net, are doing nothing but bringing the Aurum concept into our lexicon.

CCP Incarna Project Manager: People are not on board with the new currency!
Employee: Um, what if we just start giving it away? Perhaps for doing something easy like uploading some content for us?
CCP Incarna Project Manager: Make it go!