PI Customs Office Changes

Another iteration of PI is coming to the server. The existing Office structures in orbit around planets in lowsec, nullsec, and wormhole space will disappear. Players will have to build their own player-controlled Offices in order to move PI items on and off of planets. Note: Highsec will not be affected.

For 6,000 Concord LPs and 20 M ISK, you can get one Customs Office Gantry BPC. Interesting move that the BPO will not be released. This means that people will have to continually engage in Concord LP activities such as Incursions or Faction Warfare.

Jester went into detail about the gameplay changes due to the hit point values, reinforcement timer options, and LP requirements, but I wanted to cover the market aspects of the changes. You might be able to make a lot of money off of the changes. When PI was first introduced, I was able to turn 2 B into around 5 B by playing the speculation game.

Disclaimer: Everything I say and quote could be entirely wrong so do your own research.

As soon as the devblog was posted, the market speculators began to buy up the component items. The consensus is that when this goes live all existing PI in lowsec, nullsec, and wormhole space will be affected. There is going to be a delay to get the new Customs Offices in place because people will have to obtain a BPC from the Concord office, build the Gantries, and anchor them in place. Additionally, there will be a wave of people that will consider this effort to high and give up on their existing PI production. Prices for the parts that made the Gantries, items for POS fuel, and T2 production are going to increase.

Manufacturing the Customs Office Gantry Upgrade to Customs Office
Integrity Response Drones: 5
Nano-Factory: 10
Organic Mortar Applicators: 10
Sterile Conduits: 14
Capital Construction Parts: 1
Broadcast Node: 8
Recursive Computing Module: 8
Self-Harmonizing Power Core: 8
Wetware Mainframe: 8

If you want some hard speculation numbers, a 40-60% increase short-term in the first few months and a general 20% increase over the long-term seems reasonable to me. Take a look at the speculators in action in The Forge.

Now is not a good time to have to buy POS fuel. I hope you have 6 months to a year in reserve!

Industrial Rejoice: BPO BPC Icon Change

On the test server we now have different icons for BPOs and BPCs. As a person that has worked with Invention, Research, and Manufacturing, I can’t begin to even describe how much this will positively affect me. I have been waiting for this change since I started producing items in Eve in 2008.

The darker blue icons are BPOs. Lighter ones, BPCs.

Thank you CCP for reviewing such forum posts as Akita T’s Thousand Papercuts thread.

Thanatos BPC Purchased

Over the past few months, I have been trying to find a new direction for my main character. When I first started Eve, I wanted to run missions so I trained up for a Dominix with good blaster/drone skills. Missions got repetitive so I trained up Invention skills and started to do some Tech2 invention. Now, 15 months later, I want to put my main in a Carrier. It is going to cost around 2.5 B to get the skills, ship and insurance, but I think it will be fun.

Our Alliance is currently trying to claim space in nullsec, so I feel that having a Carrier will be an important support piece. We currently have sovereignty in 5 systems around The Initiative. (INIT.) and Atlas Alliance (ATLAS) territories in the Immensea region. No POS bashing has occured yet, most likely due to the upcoming sovereignty changes (CCP Abathur); I doubt any major Alliances are going to make power-plays until we know the full scope of the new mechanics.

Buying the BPO for a Billion or a researched BPO for 1.5+ B was out of the question so I headed to Jita. According to games.chruker.dk, ME10 is perfect for the BPC.  There were a lot of ME3 and ME5 BPCs in Jita 4-4 for around 40-60 M. After looking around, I found a exchange on a ME10 BPC for 50 M, *click*.

Jita 4-4, 50 M, ME10, PE1 Thanatos BPC.

Thanatos Attributes

Thanatos Attributes

Thanatos Bill of Materials

Thanatos Bill of Materials

Now, on to see if my corp/Alliance has any BPCs of the Capital parts so I can build the Carrier…