Moros Rigging Before Odyssey

Capital sized rigs are coming in the Odyssey expansion next week and they are going to cost much more than the current Large sized versions. For capital pilots that were thinking about possibly putting Tech 2 rigs on their ships, you be rigging your pre-Odyssey hull now.

I was reading over the list of changes this afternoon and almost forgot to purchase and install my own set of rigs in my Moros before the Tuesday patch. When I got home I quickly put Hybrid Weapon Rigging in the queue, and thankfully it will finish before the patch hits. I also have the extra 50,000 SP available to apply in-case I can’t make the window before patch downtime.


I looked over the GoonSwarm doctrine to pick which rigs to use. It seems that the goal with the Moros is pure DPS and to not use Trimarks to increase tank.


5 Comments on “Moros Rigging Before Odyssey”

  1. Gevlon says:

    Are you sure there will be T2 capital rigs? If not, your rig will transform into a T1 rig

  2. Serpentine Logic says:

    Why would you rig for optimal when XL Blasters are having their optimal nerfed and falloff buffed?

  3. Sigh says:

    This post is a troll, right? You know the Moros should be rigged with a T2 rof rig, right?

    Range rigs… T2 range rigs… LOL.

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