Odyssey Blueprint Icon Change

Blueprint icons got a polish in the Odyssey update.



I still want an easy way to see the ME/PE of a Blueprint from the Inventory window. Perhaps this could be added to the tooltip.


2 Comments on “Odyssey Blueprint Icon Change”

  1. indy player (newb?) says:

    yes!, i’d love it you could also see the me/pe by api, but i don’t know if that’s easy, the me/pe i think would not be to hard and would be a great edition to the ui for indy players since the other play styles got nifty new toys and all we got was having to scan for ice(that might make a way to control the price, slight adjustments to the spawn rate or size would not be that noticeable). kudos to ccp for making blueprint (slightly) easier to sort though manually though being able to search your cans for bp’s (and matriels) would be a nice thing to do so that i can just build anything i have the stuff for without having to unpack it(nice but may be hard, so if you can knock it out easy and stick it in a patch somewhere that would be great if not, oh well).

    TL:DR thanks for making my job a bit easier cpp, you guys rock!

  2. Lamthara says:

    For me it would be ok just to have the ME in bottom right corner of the icon (or bottom left if people is worried that could be confused with the number of the copy of the items… which anyway doesn’t apply to BPOs).

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