Odyssey Dreadnought Blueprint Change

As part of CCP Fozzie’s ship rebalancing efforts, he is removing the ideology of split-weapon systems. Ships like the Typhoon, Phoenix, and Naglfar, which historically had two weapon systems, are being phased out in favor of a single weapon type.

The change for the Phoenix and Naglfar were noted in the Odyssey patches notes as no longer requiring Capital Components which went into construction of the second weapon group.

The Phoenix no longer requires Capital Turret Hardpoints in its construction.
The Naglfar no longer requires Capital Launcher Hardpoints in its construction.
Odyssey Patch Notes

My interperation of these notes was that the build requirements were being removed. Today however, I found that they have shifted to the primary weapon group.


I did not see the post in S&I detailing the shift of build requirements per Fozzie.




Here’s a screenshot of the Naglfar Blueprint post-Odyssey for verification. As always, adjust your build sheets and database tables.


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