Kronos Change List

Release date: Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014.

Patch Notes


Dev Blogs

These changes have been pushed to the Crius release on July 22nd.

  1. Building Better Worlds
  2. Industry UI
  3. Researching, the Future
  4. The Price of Change
  5. Team Up: Industry Work Teams
  6. Fortune Favors the Bold

Balance Changes

  1. Drone Changes [devblog]
  2. POS gunning skill to only require Anchoring 4 instead of Anchoring 5 [reddit] [dev post]
  3. FW Plex Cloaking Change [reddit] [dev post]
  4. Phoenix and Citadel Missiles Change [reddit] [dev post] [fanfest slide]
  5. Freighter and Jump Freighter Rigging [reddit]
  6. POS ME Bonus [dev post]
  7. POS Changes [dev post]
  8. Factional Warfare Complex Improvements [reddit] [dev post] [dev post update]
  9. More lowsec K-K wormholes [dev post]
  10. Hull Rigs [dev post]
  11. Exploration loot spew removal [dev post]
  12. Faction drone modules [reddit] [imgur]
  13. Dreadnought Signature Radius increase [dev post]
  14. Freighter and Jump Freighter [reddit] [dev post]
  15. Blockade Runner [reddit] [dev post]
  16. Medium Micro Jump Drives [reddit] [dev post]
  17. Loot Scattering removed [reddit] [dev post]
  18. Pirate Implants [reddit] [dev post]
  19. Hyperspatial Accelerators Modules [reddit] [pastebin]
  20. Active mid slot scanning modules [reddit]
  21. Supercarrier changes [reddit] [news post]


  1. Right-click Menu Update [reddit] [youtube]
  2. Warp in/out animations [reddit] [gif]
  3. Faction Station Skins
  4. Team Pirate Unicorns Tooltip changes [dev post]
  5. Lens Flare Adjustments [dev post]
  6. UI Little Things [dev post]
  7. Audio Customization [dev post]


  1. Dominix redesign [reddit] [imgur]
  2. Moa redesign [reddit]
  3. Typhoon redesign [reddit]
  4. Condor / Crow / Raptor redesign [reddit]
  5. Mordus Legion [dev post]
    1. Frigate – Garmur
    2. Cruiser – Orthus
    3. Battleship – Barghest [reddit] [imgur]
  6. Prospect [reddit] [dev blog]
  7. 20 Ship Skins [dev post]
  8. Alliance Tournament XII Ships
    1. Chameleon
    2. Whiptail
  9. New skins [imgur]

Internal Code

  1. Dogma, the name for the system that calculates ship bonuses, refactoring to improve performance

Odyssey Dreadnought Blueprint Change

As part of CCP Fozzie’s ship rebalancing efforts, he is removing the ideology of split-weapon systems. Ships like the Typhoon, Phoenix, and Naglfar, which historically had two weapon systems, are being phased out in favor of a single weapon type.

The change for the Phoenix and Naglfar were noted in the Odyssey patches notes as no longer requiring Capital Components which went into construction of the second weapon group.

The Phoenix no longer requires Capital Turret Hardpoints in its construction.
The Naglfar no longer requires Capital Launcher Hardpoints in its construction.
Odyssey Patch Notes

My interperation of these notes was that the build requirements were being removed. Today however, I found that they have shifted to the primary weapon group.


I did not see the post in S&I detailing the shift of build requirements per Fozzie.




Here’s a screenshot of the Naglfar Blueprint post-Odyssey for verification. As always, adjust your build sheets and database tables.


Dreadnought Presents

As an early Holiday present to my industry partner Raath, I decided to surprise him and buy two perfect ME Dreadnought BPOs. Each of these Dreadnought BPOs comes with over a year of research and no loss.


I also thought that since we are going to start Dreadnought production, I might as well get a set of guns to go with the additional capital parts needed to build Dreadnought hulls. The additional part and gun BPOs are unresearched, meaning that I will have to get their ME levels up before we start to produce with them. The calculations on the capital guns show a sweet spot of ME 5-7, so I will have to spend under 20 days to get them production ready; the numbers on the new Capital Component prints show that a ME of 4 enables them to be production worthy.


I was not able to find a perfect ME Moros or Phoenix print on the market. I doubt that I will produce the Phoenix class hull as it has poor volume and margins per the research that Eve-Fail has conducted. The Moros as far as I know remains a preferred DPS hull for structure bashing so I will need to locate a nicely researched print soon.