Dreadnought Presents

As an early Holiday present to my industry partner Raath, I decided to surprise him and buy two perfect ME Dreadnought BPOs. Each of these Dreadnought BPOs comes with over a year of research and no loss.


I also thought that since we are going to start Dreadnought production, I might as well get a set of guns to go with the additional capital parts needed to build Dreadnought hulls. The additional part and gun BPOs are unresearched, meaning that I will have to get their ME levels up before we start to produce with them. The calculations on the capital guns show a sweet spot of ME 5-7, so I will have to spend under 20 days to get them production ready; the numbers on the new Capital Component prints show that a ME of 4 enables them to be production worthy.


I was not able to find a perfect ME Moros or Phoenix print on the market. I doubt that I will produce the Phoenix class hull as it has poor volume and margins per the research that Eve-Fail has conducted. The Moros as far as I know remains a preferred DPS hull for structure bashing so I will need to locate a nicely researched print soon.

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