Jump Freighter Industry Collaboration

Successful invasion campaigns are run by competent FCs that have logistical backbones with access to intelligence. This dynamic can also be said about large-scale industrial projects; combining the talents from multiple pools can produce very profitable results. Liquid ISK, assets, production management, market intelligence, and a dash of luck are all needed to have great results with industry.

Over time I’ve been running copy jobs on my Obelisk BPO and performing invention jobs on the side. This collection has been growing and has caused an itch that needed to be scratched. I wanted to see these items get produced.

Lockefox @HLIBIndustry and I have been talking about a collaborative project for a few months and we finally got around to narrowing down the scope and details of the collaborative operation.


We combined my assets with Lockefox’s production management and market analysis skills in order to combine our efforts to produce multiple Jump Freighters. Within a few days Lockefox had worked out a four month production timeline stretching from the end of April until August. Not small-scale by any means as we were placing multi-billion amounts of materials into a month long production timeline.


The three Obelisk BPCs were put into invention to net more Anshar runs, but the Invention Fairy said ‘hello no’ with three failures coming in for each invention job. Overall invention success rate for Anshar jobs is coming in at 16.7%.


More updates will come as we run through the production process. Lockefox got the initial project post out yesterday so also watch his blog for updates.

2 Comments on “Jump Freighter Industry Collaboration”

  1. John says:

    I am in the JF manufacturing business, self producing 4/month. I have been preparing for the Odessy changes to the materials…. have you?

    This is the single, largest impact from the expansion I am anticipating. I should be unaffected for only 3 JF, due to spending 8bn on pre-purchased & manufactured materials. I will be interested in seeing how your start up adjusts to the immediate demand for new materials that haven’t been extracted yet off of moons.

  2. I have been stocking up on Anshar BPC’s as well and figured I would like to have a few Rhea BPC’s available too. Out of 11 Charon invention attempts did only 4 come out as a success. Jump freighter invention truly is hit or miss.

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