Inferno 1.2 Mining Barge Speculation

After reviewing the changes to Mining Barges and Exhumers on the test server that Lukas Box detailed, it was time to make a market move before the patch hit.

Speculation had driven up the price of barges to the new expected price after the 1.2 patch, but the BPO on Tranquility still had the original requirements.

We purchased 3x Procurer and 1x Retriever BPOs, found empty build slots a few jumps out from Jita, and began to build. Even selling directly to buy order gave us a good return on the simple Tech 1 construction. We moved 288x Procurer and 45x Retriever ships since the announcement of the barge changes and still have some stock left over made with the pre-Inferno 1.2 BPOs.

3 Comments on “Inferno 1.2 Mining Barge Speculation”

  1. Raath says:

    We’re not done yet. Got another 100 procurers in the oven coming out tomorrow morning 🙂

    Keep those buy orders warm guys, I’ll be there first thing

  2. Good times for you there as well. I’ve profited in a similar was as well and sold many mine over last week. Today sold about a Dozen Covetors and have a bit of Procurers that was put in the oven ahead of the patch to take advantage of pre patch build cost.

    I’ll be happy to get them all sold real soon.

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