Increasing Faction Standings with Tags

For some time I have been queuing up production jobs that would be well suited for highsec. In order to anchor a POS in highsec, your corporation needs to have 5.0+ standings with the appropriate faction [detailed guide].

Since my main character has run a lot of Gallente missions in the past for ISK and has Social IV, he started off this task with a standing of 3.12 to the Gallente Federation.

Rather than grinding out more missions, I found out that there are a series of one-time agents for each faction that will trade in tags for standings. There are four Data Centers, one for each empire, located in New Eden where you can turn in tags.

You can collect these tags by running missions or by buying them off the market. A bunch of tags for one empire’s Data Center agents came out to around 352 M ISK on the Jita market. I didn’t see any major swings in prices or obvious market manipulation attempts, so I bought enough for all the agents.

Turning in these tags raised my standing from 3.12 to 4.95 with Social IV. After Social V completes, I should have more than the required 5.0 base standing in order to anchor a POS in highsec. [edit] Apparently Social skills do not come into play with anchoring rights. It appears I will have to do some more grinding to get the base standing up to 5.0+.

Chatting with all the Data Center agents

Since corporation standings are calculated as ‘the average of all corporation member standings towards that faction after the period of a week’, I will have to move this character into a 1 member corporation and wait for the standings to update.

No rush on this project, but I wanted to get the standings in order now so when it comes time to light up the production lines, I can immediately drop a POS. If you don’t want to raise your corporation’s standings yourself, you can even hire a guy to do it for you.

Perhaps I will wait for the POS rework before starting this production project. From what I have gathered listening to current CSM Chairman Seleene, the POS redesign is in the works. I haven’t been able to determine if this is slated for Winter 2012 or for Summer 2013.

9 Comments on “Increasing Faction Standings with Tags”

  1. Ethalas Thalassa says:

    Unfortunatelly, Social skills don’t come into factor for Anchoring rights (you need unmodiffied standings of 5.0 to anchor in a 0.5 system), so you’ll have to do some more standings grinding to be able to anchor the POS. When I did my grinding run for the same purpose, I used COSMOS mission agents, since many of it are just courrier missions, you can do enough of them with an industrial toon (I took some combat missions with an Ishkur w/o problems though).

    • Blake says:

      Ah thanks for the update. I was not aware of this. I’ll ninja edit.

      • Anon says:

        There’s a few people who offer standings boost services. I was able to get an alt corp set up with 6-7 Caldari and Amarr standing for 150 mil … far cheaper than buying tags and/or hurting your brain running missions.

  2. DefMan says:

    I just grinded the standing by doing missions, took me just 6 days of doing lvl IV distribution missions to reach 7,0 standing with amarr, could be faster if I had more luck on getting security storylines

  3. Foo says:

    Also consider doing all the newbie career agent hubs for both your faction and your allied faction.

    6 hubs; 5 agents, up to 10 missions each; very simple to do;

    As a newbie, I got Faction standings of 5 with both Minmatar and and Gallante with newbie skills, bank balance and a short time.

    I also (re)discovered that they didn’t give a refining bonus (requiring corp standings)

  4. Camon Bear says:

    As you’re after Gallente standings, consider running missions for Sisters of Eve. I had Federation standings over 8 without realising as a side effect.

  5. Vikteren says:

    You have missed the second best way of getting faction standings (first being the tags) – cosmos missions.
    It’s a series of missions L1-L4 in one constellation for each faction which you can do only once – but each is important storyline and gives faction standing (some have a few parts 😉 ). If you want to save time you can buy on contracts (or at least it was possible when I was doing them) set of items that let’s you finish part of mission in no time – the rest requires shooting 😉
    Here is a good guide: – if you need translation then google translate is doing pretty descent job with that page 🙂 Just remember to do missions in the order the guide suggests as some mission require items from previous ones.
    Oh, and as a bonus at the end, if you have really high standing you can get almost for free navy ships BPC (one time).

  6. SumYungGy says:

    The epic arcs give a sizable faction boost and good rewards. Gallente used to be one of the best for the improved drone control mod.They do take some time, but there are some really good guides to help you get through it quickly such as

  7. SumYungGy says:

    Also, as a side note, social increases your standing gain. Social V will get you more standing for the missions (including the tag missions, COSMOS, and epic arcs) you do. It is connections that increases your faction standing above base. However, as was pointed out, POSs require 5.0 base standing.

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