Again, if you hadn’t noticed

My corporation, in my CEO’s unquantifiable wisdom, has joined Severance as of two days ago.

In unrelated news, as of a day ago Severance have been wardeced by…

I’ve forgotten their name. But they’re the guys that hide out in jita and shoot people silly enough to not have neutral freighter alts.

Oh, those silly people. Anywho, the change and/or addition of standings added a few more reds to my red list, which I expressed in the usual way:

haav0c > because the number of stabs will drastically increaes target time.
haav0c > hmm
haav0c > o noes
haav0c > ender!
haav0c > i’m red to you now!
haav0c > we have to hate eachother now!
EnderCapitalG > oh snap
EnderCapitalG > WELL UM, I HATE YOU
haav0c > I HATE YOU ALSO
EnderCapitalG > also, you’re neut to me?
haav0c > erm
haav0c > so… i hate you… but..
EnderCapitalG > lol
haav0c > you have no opinion on me but will still probably shoot me on sight.
EnderCapitalG > Oh yes.
EnderCapitalG > We have like… no blues 🙂
haav0c > mmhm
haav0c > right
haav0c > i think someone dropped the ball somewhere.
EnderCapitalG > words of our CEO’s: NAPs are for fags
haav0c > right, right.
haav0c > nice policy.
haav0c > btw i’m technically part of NC right now
EnderCapitalG > we used to be blue to 3-4 pepole in Curse, but WTB got mad and reset us, and got everyone else to reset us
EnderCapitalG > so we’ve been killing WTB left and right \o/
haav0c > gyah, like four reds in channel!
haav0c > lessie…
haav0c > cyberin
haav0c > no suprise there.
EnderCapitalG > lol
haav0c > and morden
haav0c > morwen
haav0c > who has a bitchin alliance logo
EnderCapitalG > lol
haav0c > eeh
haav0c > ender!
haav0c > i’m sorry.
haav0c > i can’t hate you
EnderCapitalG > hahah
haav0c > i feel like there should be a second line there.
haav0c > but i can’t think of the right statment
haav0c > they all sound either stupid or homoerotic
EnderCapitalG > We live on opposite sides of new eden, not like anyone would know anyway
haav0c > usually both.
EnderCapitalG > lol
EnderCapitalG > (no homo)
haav0c > exactly.
haav0c > gyah! perseus!
Perseus Kallistratos > 0/
haav0c > according to my standings i hate you too!
EnderCapitalG > rofl
haav0c > which is awkward! because i like your blog!
Perseus Kallistratos > story of my life
haav0c > i am so conflicted!
EnderCapitalG > lol
haav0c > i’m going back into WH space.
haav0c > can’t you see this hatred is tearing us apart?
haav0c > gyah! reds in jita!

In a perfectly rational manner. Joining puts me in the same corp alliance as Nerevar Dwemor, writer of the german blog If you, like most of America, don’t speak Deutsch, google chrome’s page translator is nothing short of erotic in its page-translating marvels.

Also click that link, I wanna see how far I can artificially shoot his page views up. Give, people!

Another link you should click if you feel like it is Out of Pod Experience. Seeing as there’s no content besides the obligatory “Hi, I’m me” post and the “I wanna be part of the blog pack” post, there’s not much reason to click. Yet.

Actually, I only linked him because he commented on a bunch of apparently-better-known blogs in order to increase traffic and didn’t drop a comment on mine, so this is to make him feel all guilty and such.

Wait, oops, he did and it just got caught by the spam filter because it was literally just his blog. No “I just sent you 50 mil because I laughed so hard” or “my god, I was moved to tears” or any of the other comments I like to pretend I get.

And since this is turning into a link post without me noticing, here’s some neat physics engine shiznit that totally restored my faith in virtual reality before I’m too old to consider using it.

Continuing, here’s my favorite star wars dance music.

The sandwich I had for lunch.

Star Wars Force Unleashed II trailer. (do want)

and goatse my favorite techno song.

10 Comments on “Again, if you hadn’t noticed”

  1. Now that you have linked my supremely inadequite blog i will for sure spread the word of your uber awesomeness and your 50 mil is in the mail.. I also added a get out of jail free card that should come in handy!!

    Thx for the mention anyways though… More content comming soon!!

  2. Bleh, I don’t like tomato. Other than that it looked like a good sandwich.

  3. Hi 😉

    so we`ll be corpmates? Good to know 🙂

    I follow your blog on capsuler for some time. I`m looking forward to see you online 😉

    fly save,


  4. youngpride says:

    bar har har har. har. If I had 50 mil to give, I’d give it to you. Pimp me.

  5. Blake says:

    FYI that isn’t a “techno” song. That’s a Europop beat.

    For real “techno”, more along the lines of Detroit Techno, go to Dave Clarke :

    Why do Americans think anything with a 4-4 kick is “techno”?

    • miningzen says:

      hey, up till now I classified techno as “anything using short notes that don’t sound like they came from a string/band instrument”.

  6. Cazos says:

    Wardec was by the Orphanage. The night we got news about the war dec i was in jita pushing them off the station. Then the corp they were at war with saw me doing that and started to go after them since they were far enough not to be able to dock. I’m an ass. All they do is sit in jita and pretend to be hard core 😮

  7. *clap*



    thx ^^


  8. I have to say man… That sandwich looks awesome!!!

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