Totally Awesome WH Tool Thingy

Raath Nambode, a friend of mine and the leader of our WH operation, by merit of the fact that he is the only person who can fly our Rorqual, manages the pos fuel, has a freighter alt and sells the ore we mine, has been working on a project for a while now.

It’s intended to be used in the IGB, and essentially, you can lookup wormhole IDs and system names and be given the standard information as well as everything off of dotlan, IE jumps in last 48 hours and sleeper, ship and pod kills in the last 48 hours.

If you set the site to trusted, you gain the ability to add to the database of statics and # of sigs of each wormhole, which are compiled and rejected if, say, five people say the static of a c1 is N110 and one jerkface says it’s O477.

Please mail him with bugs, problems and/or praise and send all iskies to thank for your help.

3 Comments on “Totally Awesome WH Tool Thingy”

  1. USGAnthrax says:

    Nice Work !

    This tool seems nice and usefull to use.

    You ask for suggestions, so here is one :
    Is it possible to use it to upload the Scanlist of the scanner with names of the signatures too as it appears in scanner, like :
    “MXW-999-RADAR-Core Sleeper Frontier
    “PJG-784-LADAR-Core Deposit
    “OPU-821- Unstable Wormhole

    This will allow people (and my corpmates… ^^) to not have to post in our “scanning report Topic” after each scans and have to copy bookmarks in same format to leave them in a Can in the POS…

    So if it is possible to do…

    Nice tool anyway

    Fly Safe & Have Fun


    • Raath says:

      I raised the idea of an export option for the system scanner scan results a while back in the ideas forum but nobody seemed to like the idea. Nothing would make me happier than at the end of a full scan to be able to export it to a XML document and upload it, unfortunately this isn’t possible atm, but who knows, if enough people request it, we may get it eventually.

      Now an extra option could be added to the system view for peronal notes or sig maps but it would be a manual operation without the ability to export the results. 😦

      If other folks would like a corp shareable option for sig maps I’ll have a play n see what I can come up with.

    • Raath says:

      You asked about this option and I had a think and a play and I came up with a sigmap widget. It’s not automated as we’d like but it should still make things easier.

      There is a link below the last 10 records that will say “Create Sigmap”. Click on that and an area will open up asking you for the ID name and the Group. Select the group and a 2nd drop down box will auto populate with the relevant info to the Group and WH class type. Select that Type and click Add and it will drop it into the list. Anyone else in your corp viewing the site will then see the link “Sigmap Available” and will be able to see what you’ve added.

      At DT the sigs are reset and when you view the widget all expired IDs will have a text box allowing you to re-enter the new ID. Hovering the Mouse over the Last Update time will show you who was the last person that scanned and updated that particular sig record.

      As privacy and safety is one of my main concerns, only Corp mates can see your sigmap. Everyone outside of corp will have to scan their own.

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