The ABCs

No, not the alphabet — we are talking about Arkonor, Bistot and Crokite. These are the most valuable ore per time and volume in WH space.

Our mining fleet in WH space was clearing 15,000 m3 Arkonor roids in around 25-30 minutes. The operation lasted for around 6 hours and I got a paycheck of 387.5 million ISK which comes out to 77.5 million ISK/hour.

According to The Complete Miner’s Guide, a perfect Hulk pilot can pull in around 54 million ISK/hour. I had my alt in me in a Retriever so that accounts for the extra 23.5 million ISK/hour. Not bad for a Sunday’s work.

Mining operation

Mining operation

ISK per jetcan (Our EvE)

  1. Arkonor 13,860,887
  2. Bistot 13,221,153
  3. Crokite 9,290,540
  4. Gneiss 5,055,147
  5. Spodumain 4,924,785
  6. Dark Ochre 4,626,514

If time allows, we hit the lower ores to stock up on minerals for corporate production.

2 Comments on “The ABCs”

  1. Kename Fin says:

    There is nothing quite so satisfying as finding a ABC heavy grav site and then watching it go “pop” under the combined corporate beams of your mates.

    Good haul!

  2. Galo says:

    Damn that’s mad money from mining ops in WH space. I’m certainly and currently living in the wrong part of the universe in high sec space. But being still new to Eve i’m one with patience so I’m biting my time for the moment as a budding explorer. Dreaming of one day, some day moving to WH space. Opportunities there sound too good to ignore!

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