Planning on a Rorqual in WH

32D left for my main character to be in a Rorqual with basic jump skills and a long term plan of 78D to get all jump drive skills up to IV.

Basic skill books needed:

  1. Capital Ships, 400 M
  2. Capital Industrial Ships, 500 M
  3. Jump Drive Operation, 10 M
  4. Jump Drive Calibration, 30 M
  5. Jump Fuel Conservation, 20 M

Basic Total: 960 M

Now that means that I can fly a basic ship with no good mods. Let’s add them to the plan.

Add mods:

  1. Shield Emission Systems, 80 K
  2. Capital Shield Emission Systems, 10 M
  3. Capital Shield Operation, 20 M
  4. Leadership, 20 K
  5. Mining Foreman, 75 K
  6. Mining Director, 400 K
  7. Graviton Physics, 10 M
  8. Advanced Mass Production, 20 M
  9. Industrial Reconfiguration, 23 M

Mod Total: 83.575 M

Now that brings us to a 1.044 B plan with a 157 days ending in late January 2010. This doesn’t even include the ship, which is going for around 1.4-1.6 B. Quite the investment, but is it worth it?

ORE Capital Industrial Ship

ORE Capital Industrial Ship

My WH partner and I were talking about how many Corporate Hangar Arrays can fit into a Rorqual when compressed.

Blake > it can really fit 4 hangars of ore in it?
R**** > it’s about that
R**** > highend compresses at a 20-1 ratio, lowends at 40-1
R**** > so divide 1’400’000 by 20 and you get 70’000
R**** > that’s 2 rigged n expanded impels or 3 T1 indy, perhaps 4
R**** > but still it will change things for us massively

4 Corporate Hangar Arrays full of ore has to amount to around 3B worth of ore so that would be a good haul back to empire.

This plan could change our haul process dramatically as we can take the raw ore in WH space, compress it down 20 or 40:1 and bring it to empire to refine at a higher rate. Worth the time and effort? Anyone else using a Rorqual in WH space?

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