Every New C5 Comes with a Nullsec Gank

A corpmate and I moved from a dead C4 into a new, shiny C5 after a few days of waiting and scanning. Our move operation is pretty standard and down to a routine. We like to setup a small POS first, then bring our Large POS with defenses.

So our migration routine is as follows:

  1. Scout, bring hauler with Small POS into new WH space.
  2. Online small POS with BS protection.
  3. Move industry and probing ships into small POS force field.
  4. Setup Corporate Hangar Array in small POS and move goods.

Once this is completed, we setup the Large POS with defenses and repeat the migration process.

As I started to bring the defenses online at the Large POS, in came a Helios (Covert Ops Ships) through a lowsec WH from OKEO-X in the Omist region which is deep in Atlas Alliance territory. I started to get a little worried as I knew the POS locations were getting pinned down.

Should I online the guns, or get the rest of the mods/ammo out of the Corporate Hanger Array in the small POS? I tried to do both, warping back and forth, but after a few minutes a saw a HAC and a BS enter.

Putting defenses online

Putting defenses online

After 5 minutes, the system had a total of 15 attackers in it including a Drake, 2x Hurricane, 2x Helios, 2x Ishtar, Tempest, 2x Phobos, Zealot, and a Armageddon. I knew there was some scanning, bubble and DPS power in that gang. I got in my interceptor and warped to the small POS, knowing that they could have positioned a bubble in my path of travel. I arrived to see their gang shooting at the small POS and bringing it into reinforced mode within a half an hour.

Once I got the evemail alert that the POS was in reinforced mode, the attacking gang suddenly left within a matter of minutes. We had put enough Strontium Clathrates in the Small POS that the reinforce time came out to be 1 Day 8 Hours. I think the gang realized that they didn’t want to offline in WH space and finish the job later, knowing that they were seeing Cruise Missle Batteries being anchored at the Large POS as they attacked the Small POS and that they were most likely not going to get a Omist WH spawn tomorrow.

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