it is destinyzorz

Well, in our homely C5, we haven’t had a grav site in days, Blake recently obtained his carrier certification, ship and matching fuzzy dice(Or whatever pod pilots hang on their capsules. Ship nuts?), and we have a Static C6 connection.

If there’s another sign from the random lords of the universe that we should move into a C6, I can’t fathom it.

The original WH goers, R-man and B-dude, inhabited a c2, moved to a c4, moved to a c5, then I joined. We three moved from that C5 to another C5, where Carrier bounce dude joined us. Another C5, two more miners joined us and the carrier went 4800m/s over its designates speed before colliding with a warp bubble. The ex-carrier pilot left the WH, leaving us with six people, eleven total including alts.

Combat wise… we’ve got a BC pilot, an apoch miner just now training gun skills, a tech two amazing domi, a tech 1 fit domi(me), a competent minmatar BS flyer, and a carrier pilot(assuming we manage to get blake into the WH before he’s DD oneshotted.

I’ve never been to a sleeper site in a C6, but could someone here, say, a C6 inhabiter, tell me how much firepowa we should have before attempting to move to a C6?

Also, the carrier pilot said that it was an incredibly stupid idea and that we didn’t have the manpower.

Also, I’d really appreciate if someone could clarify for me if a buffer fit or active fit is better for running sleeper sites w/ a spider rep gang. I’m not saying that it’s pretty demoralizing to watch someone gain a sliver of health per cycle with two large RRs and 5 heavy armor maintenance drones on him, but it is.

Also, I’m looking at a 65 inch TV on criegslist that’s broken. Anyone know what “It turns on fine, but only lasts a few seconds” could be?

Also, a friend introduced me to The Interruptor. Friggin hillarious.