it is destinyzorz

Well, in our homely C5, we haven’t had a grav site in days, Blake recently obtained his carrier certification, ship and matching fuzzy dice(Or whatever pod pilots hang on their capsules. Ship nuts?), and we have a Static C6 connection.

If there’s another sign from the random lords of the universe that we should move into a C6, I can’t fathom it.

The original WH goers, R-man and B-dude, inhabited a c2, moved to a c4, moved to a c5, then I joined. We three moved from that C5 to another C5, where Carrier bounce dude joined us. Another C5, two more miners joined us and the carrier went 4800m/s over its designates speed before colliding with a warp bubble. The ex-carrier pilot left the WH, leaving us with six people, eleven total including alts.

Combat wise… we’ve got a BC pilot, an apoch miner just now training gun skills, a tech two amazing domi, a tech 1 fit domi(me), a competent minmatar BS flyer, and a carrier pilot(assuming we manage to get blake into the WH before he’s DD oneshotted.

I’ve never been to a sleeper site in a C6, but could someone here, say, a C6 inhabiter, tell me how much firepowa we should have before attempting to move to a C6?

Also, the carrier pilot said that it was an incredibly stupid idea and that we didn’t have the manpower.

Also, I’d really appreciate if someone could clarify for me if a buffer fit or active fit is better for running sleeper sites w/ a spider rep gang. I’m not saying that it’s pretty demoralizing to watch someone gain a sliver of health per cycle with two large RRs and 5 heavy armor maintenance drones on him, but it is.

Also, I’m looking at a 65 inch TV on criegslist that’s broken. Anyone know what “It turns on fine, but only lasts a few seconds” could be?

Also, a friend introduced me to The Interruptor. Friggin hillarious.

4 Comments on “it is destinyzorz”

  1. John says:

    No idea on c6 sleepers. However, the65 inch tv sounds like either a bad power inverter -or- a bad signal detection board causing it to go into sleep mode. My money is on the inverter. Search for the make/model and replacement parts list to see prices for such items. BE CAREFUL (especially if it’s a CRT) as it may hold a high voltage charge for days without power. Could ruin your day.

    Best of luck with the c6 and the tv

  2. Borg Stoneson says:

    I’ve heard that C6 sleepers will activly hunt you down, While you’re safe in the POS it would make mining tricky, also I’ve been told that they pod kill in a C6.

  3. Honey House says:

    Here’s a blog entry about a c6 expedition. They didn’t do any grav sites, but there doesn’t seem to be any indication of unusual sleeper behavior. A cursory look at various threads and guides suggests that a c6 is just a scaled up c5. You can always do an op in your adjacent c6 to assess the difficulty before you commit to a move.

  4. Regarding the Active vs Buffer tank when fighting sleepers with a RR BS Fleet (or carriers):
    – First off forget any local repairing
    – read this:

    Regarding the sites in a Class 6 wormhole:
    – Grav / Ladar sites are about the same as in a Class 5
    – PVE sites (anomalies) can spawn up to 6 Sleepless Guardians (+ some Cruisers and frigates) on a single spawn wave
    – Mag & Radar sites can spawn up to 10 sleeper BSs (+ other support ships)

    In retrospect to C5 farming we’ve found that C6 is much too difficult for our small group of 6 folks to do efficiently. Thankfully we did find a Class 6 with a Cataclysmic Variable and we now have the ability to farm it with few people, even bring in Carriers to spawn extra sleepers for the extra loot.

    Regarding the Sleepers that spawn when carriers land on grid it goes like this:
    1st Carrier or Dread: +6 Sleepless Guardians
    2nd Carrier or Dread: +8 Sleepless Guardians
    for a total of 28 Sleepless Guardians 🙂

    Also, I suggest, if you haven’t already to join the in-game channel “wspace colonists” since lots of nice talks take place in there and you will get a chance to promote your blog.


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