Hold on a second

Crucible has been announced with the long awaited supercapital nerf, which makes them mostly tools for fighting other supercapitals and/or things that hold still.

A while back, AHARM was caught using a kinda-sorta-obviously-exploit in a certain type of wormhole. For those who don’t know, some wormholes have special effects, like increasing RR power but decreasing local rep power, increasing armor resists but lowering shield, ect ect. These effects go from barely noticable in a C1 class wormhole to holy-shit-this-3xRR-domi-is-stable when you’re in a C6.

One of these wormholes increased damage from all ships(Sleepers included) by 100%, as well as boosting the strength of all types of EWAR, including tracking disruptors. Some bright spark figured out that if you tracking disrupted someone so hard their midslots swapped places their tracking would go into the negative or go below -1 or something similar that wasn’t supposed to be doable. The result of this was that the ship being disrupted gained LITERALLY perfect tracking and optimal range(250k), if you happened to be sensor dampening them at the same time or something.

Rooks and Kings, some nullsec or wormhole or whatever group whose name I only know because they attacked Split Infinity Radio, attacked AHARM in their home wormhole and were a bit supprised by being hit by blaster boats from 250k away perfectly each time. They petitioned CCP, CCP changed the way that wormhole worked and didn’t ban anyone, everyone went their separate ways.

Now some large group has gained an advantage over another MAYBE through an exploit(bots). They are almost impossible to kill and everyone is still trying to work on ways to counter and/or welcoming their new overlords. And since CCP either can’t or won’t detect and remove the bots, they have gained this power “fair and square”.

(Incidentally I use the term maybe because they might have used the bot money for something other than supers. Like titans or candy.)

Supercapitals aren’t being nerfed because the Russians gained critical mass of them through exploits, they’re being nerfed because nullsec stood on the edge of becoming carebearland and/or Russianland. The game has almost been “broken” through some means because one value grew too big using CCP-Approved methods.

So they’re nerfing supercapitals. If I were the DRF CEO or Director that said “hey, we have all this ISK, let’s sink it into SUPERCAPITALS”, I’d feel a bit cheated right now.

Supercarriers are expensive. Right now, on my “list of shit to do on Eve”, “own a supercarrier” is pretty far down on the list, mostly because of the 18 bil cost and that I’m probably going to lose the damn thing the moment I board it. For me, flying the second biggest ship in Eve defines the “endgame”.

My point is, what if instead of supercarriers RUSEve spent it on, say, making accounts or hiring people to fly with them? Okay, they did that with PL and THEN got the supercarriers, but what if they had taken it even farther? What if fighting RUSEve didn’t mean one unstoppable fleet, it meant THREE fightable fleets attacking separate targets with huge subcap numbers, reps and such. You could fight one, and win, but it would be instantly replaced while the other two wrecked whatever they were attacking. Controlling multiple accounts is not hard, and I could probably write a script or program to control an alpha fleet BS(pleasedon’taskmeto pleasedon’tbanmeCCP).

And also, now that the context of nullsec and supercarriers has defined “Overpowered”, can we please have the old wormhole exploit back? If everyone has it it isn’t an unfair advantage, and it would make for extremely weird/fun fleet fights.


Coming out of my school induced inactivity to say this:


It is teh beauties.

Unfortunatley this is probably bad news for ninja salvager and their dog and their dog’s mission alts are gonna have salvage alts once this is released and/or never cared about salvage anyway.

But man, for the sleepers? Who have an annoying tendancy to die upwards of 100km from eachother?


So, now that I’ve breached the ocean of… long winded metaphors, here’s how stuff’s been going on my end:

Classes are fine. Or, as fine as they could be as I was 20 minutes late for a test yesterday. In physics II.

Yeah, not looking forward to that grade.

I ALMOST got on a kill when some highsec pirate tried to ransom my renter corp. I played the fool, was within 5km of a loki with a friendly t3/HIC fleet IN SYSTEM when…

I get antsy and scramble him. He immediately gets about 30km away from the phobos and ishtar that land on me.

So, apparently a hiatus has dulled my pvp prowess even more. Didn’t see that coming.

PoSes are fine, but I’m only barely making enough to keep my accounts PLEXed. On that note, I’ve finally finished my learning skills for the carrier+a-year-of-skills-I-figured-I’d-need-at-some-point-skillplan.

So, by…Winter break I should be able to fly the giant bricks and murder stuff even faster. And/or I’ll finally have perfect cap/RR/gun skills.

I should probably go for the cap/armor/ect skills first….. eeh.

So, let’s see what’s gone on in the last few months.

ATLAS gets attacked.
I’d put a link on that line, but You can get the same result by googling “atlas” and picking a link blindfolded. Ignore anything greek.
So, some rich group that we were buffers for are now significantly smaller. Fighting continues and everyone is still pretty much being a jerk to each other, but now with substantially less isk for ATLAS and significantly more for PL and Legion of XXdeathicles. Good job, you group of brutally efficient jerks.


Huh…well. Didn’t really expect that.

AHARM was apparently exploiting something or other and it is not an exploit. Also got attacked by Rooks and Kings

Didn’t expect that either, and I’m having troubles deciding who to root for. On one hand, R&K knocked quivering and associates out of their C6, somehow killed their podcast and apparently murdered them based on their complete lack of posting/logons.

On the other, AHARM scared the hell outta me when a Rev jumped through the WH I was yelling at our Rorqual pilot to warp to. Oh, and that attacking CCRES bit.

I’d flip my phone to decide, but it was shattered into a million pieces last week when an amusement park ride and gravity decided to send it into a pile of granite rocks upwards of 60+ miles per hour.

Ok, it’s not shattered but the screen is more cracks then glass and it’s having a few difficulties turning on that may be related to the complete lack of an on switch or for that matter any plastic where the one switch used to be. There is no sign of the protective case.

Btw, if anyone knows where to get a cheap iphone 3g anywhere let me know.

Go AHARM, because R&K are higher on the jerk meter, and that’s got to count for something.

Oh, and as far as the exploit thing goes, I didn’t think aggro extension was an exploit either.