Coming out of my school induced inactivity to say this:


It is teh beauties.

Unfortunatley this is probably bad news for ninja salvager and their dog and their dog’s mission alts are gonna have salvage alts once this is released and/or never cared about salvage anyway.

But man, for the sleepers? Who have an annoying tendancy to die upwards of 100km from eachother?


So, now that I’ve breached the ocean of… long winded metaphors, here’s how stuff’s been going on my end:

Classes are fine. Or, as fine as they could be as I was 20 minutes late for a test yesterday. In physics II.

Yeah, not looking forward to that grade.

I ALMOST got on a kill when some highsec pirate tried to ransom my renter corp. I played the fool, was within 5km of a loki with a friendly t3/HIC fleet IN SYSTEM when…

I get antsy and scramble him. He immediately gets about 30km away from the phobos and ishtar that land on me.

So, apparently a hiatus has dulled my pvp prowess even more. Didn’t see that coming.

PoSes are fine, but I’m only barely making enough to keep my accounts PLEXed. On that note, I’ve finally finished my learning skills for the carrier+a-year-of-skills-I-figured-I’d-need-at-some-point-skillplan.

So, by…Winter break I should be able to fly the giant bricks and murder stuff even faster. And/or I’ll finally have perfect cap/RR/gun skills.

I should probably go for the cap/armor/ect skills first….. eeh.

So, let’s see what’s gone on in the last few months.

ATLAS gets attacked.
I’d put a link on that line, but You can get the same result by googling “atlas” and picking a link blindfolded. Ignore anything greek.
So, some rich group that we were buffers for are now significantly smaller. Fighting continues and everyone is still pretty much being a jerk to each other, but now with substantially less isk for ATLAS and significantly more for PL and Legion of XXdeathicles. Good job, you group of brutally efficient jerks.


Huh…well. Didn’t really expect that.

AHARM was apparently exploiting something or other and it is not an exploit. Also got attacked by Rooks and Kings

Didn’t expect that either, and I’m having troubles deciding who to root for. On one hand, R&K knocked quivering and associates out of their C6, somehow killed their podcast and apparently murdered them based on their complete lack of posting/logons.

On the other, AHARM scared the hell outta me when a Rev jumped through the WH I was yelling at our Rorqual pilot to warp to. Oh, and that attacking CCRES bit.

I’d flip my phone to decide, but it was shattered into a million pieces last week when an amusement park ride and gravity decided to send it into a pile of granite rocks upwards of 60+ miles per hour.

Ok, it’s not shattered but the screen is more cracks then glass and it’s having a few difficulties turning on that may be related to the complete lack of an on switch or for that matter any plastic where the one switch used to be. There is no sign of the protective case.

Btw, if anyone knows where to get a cheap iphone 3g anywhere let me know.

Go AHARM, because R&K are higher on the jerk meter, and that’s got to count for something.

Oh, and as far as the exploit thing goes, I didn’t think aggro extension was an exploit either.

5 Comments on “EEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!”

  1. We did say that a new era of Wspace combat had begun when RnK attacked our home – it hasn’t been long to see other major alliances holding space in wormholes being attacked. Without any Sov mechanics to help you defend, it’s a matter of time till you get a force big enough to kick you out..

    we are not posting… I guess because we are having too much fun in-game and no time to blog about? 🙂

  2. Kename Fin says:

    Ninja salvagers will be all right. The Noctis works in their favor as well.

    Speaking of the beasts, the aggro-extension mechanic [can we call it a mechanic?] is one of their favorite tools and regularly used to fool simple mission grinders into thinking they are safe.

    RE: AHARM – there’s always someone bigger waiting to step on you. ‘sploit or no ‘sploit it will be fun to see how it turns out.

    Physics – you shouldn’t need the whole class period for a test. Just draw your little pictures on the paper and then head over to the library to finish your nap.

    🙂 Good to hear from you again.

  3. Telathe says:

    I really do enjoy reading about someone else being in a WH.
    Although often i feel like while the Laughing Men, is a decently sized alliance, we are the little guys.

    AHARM: These guys are fun to fight, and hard as nails. They are always respectable in the end, and we really enjoy fighting them, as im sure they enjoy fighting us. We were worried that AHARM would stop around and squish everything like an angry giant, but i really think they enjoy having us around as someone to fight at who isnt at a complete dick. Never saw their invasion coming, but they let us know before they did it. Its kinda cool to be in the know.

    CCRES: They didn’t seem like they put up a fight. Every time we fought them, they only trash-mouthed. Too bad they didn’t stand up and fight like we do.

    R&K: This is going to be an interesting one to watch. Its like a good sports match id have to say.

    Now which WH corp/alliance are you in?

    PS: Rev’s suck when they shoot through all of your BS’s. Mean mean ships. Hahaha and maybe someone will notice us little guys.

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