Joining Aideron Robotics

I’ll admit it, the “This is EVE” video combined with the momentum coming out of CCP got me excited about flying spaceships again. I decided to join Aideron Robotics and bolster the Gallente Militia.

I’ve got a good base for Gallente so I just need to round out some Drone and support skills.


5 Comments on “Joining Aideron Robotics”

  1. Welcome! I look forward to seeing you around.

  2. peanutym says:

    Consider training the smaller ships first. You are alot more likely to fly in a cruiser fleet or solo in a AF than in a BS fleet.

    • Blake says:

      I’ve got all frig, destroyer, cruiser, and battleships to V. AF IV, Logi V, ceptor V, HAC V, recon V. Bring on the sub caps.

      • peanutym says:

        Ahh ok, i saw the gallente frig/dess/cruiser in the SS you posted. I assumed that was your sheet.

      • peanutym says:

        Ahh sorry about that, the SS youposted i thought it was your training queue not what had already been trained. carry on!

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