Bowhead Space Truckin’

The Bowhead is a great addition to the Eve lineup. I finally got the chance to play around with the ship on the test server today. I’m excited to see these around space and on killboards.



2014. 2014.

7 Comments on “Bowhead Space Truckin’”

  1. MoxNix says:

    Meh, I’ve always thought transporting ships around in other ships is ridiculous.

    Like in real life you aren’t ever going to see the US Navy (or any other Navy) building gigantic transports to carry multiple frigates around, far less destroyers, cruisers, battleships and even larger ship.

    It’s simply not cost effective, not does it make any sense at all from a training, logistics, strategic or tactical point of view. In fact, it’d be just plain all around stupid.

  2. It’s uglier as I expected.

  3. anonym says:

    You do realize that the US Navy build ships to carry fighters?

    Imo as a pinata the Bowhead should be more colorful.
    Also i’d like to have a freighter that looks like the Nostromo (alien) with its refinery.

    • Moxnix says:

      Fighters are not ships, they aren’t independent, self sufficient, instead requiring constant support for refueling, munitions, maintenance and repair, food and sleeping quarters for the crew, etc., etc. They aren’t even remotely close to the size of even the smallest true independently operable) warships.

      The carrier isn’t really a transport ship either, it’s actually a very large warship specifically designed to be a movable base and airfield in support of fighter operations.

      When it comes to actually moving fighters from one place to another, they don’t get loaded up into ships, nobody sends a carrier to pick up fighters. Rather pilots fly the fighters to wherever they’re needed, whether that’s a land base or a carrier.

      When a country buys new fighters, they don’t get the fighters shipped over. Rather they send pilots over to get trained on flying them and as the fighters come off the assembly line, those pilots fly them home. No transport are ships involved. That’d be ridiculous, even for fighters which are far smaller than any self sufficient, independently operable warship.

  4. dusski says:

    Any news on Wallet Manager from 2011? Did you finish it? Is it available for testing?

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