Tech 2 BPO Prices Post Crius

tl;dr Sale prices for Tech 2 BPOs are down an average of 47% after the Crius release.


Over the past few years I have been watching prices for publicly traded Tech 2 BPOs and attempting to record the values to the best of my ability.

Some sales completed non-publicly, some were vastly inflated, and some never sold. There is most certainly a lot of inaccuracy in the datapoints given the speculative nature of the Tech 2 BPO market, yet they still serve as guiding value to help us value the BPO.

The Post Crius Marketplace

The volume of posts in the official Sell Orders section of the forums are down, sellers are getting trolled, and people are re-running numbers to reprice the value of the BPOs trying to justify a much lower cost. I’ve seen a lot of CCP Dev intervention to clean up threads and keep people on topic. Overall the market is rather anemic.



2 Comments on “Tech 2 BPO Prices Post Crius”

  1. Squizz says:

    Some more data for you: Nova Javelin Rocket Blueprint, bought in 2012 for 11b, sold in September, 2014 for 8b. Why did I ever buy it in the first place? Cuz I could!

  2. Surloc says:

    I suspect that a lot of people are reading the writing on the wall that the T2 BPOs days are numbered. Various CCP sources have stated they’d like to see them go, and for all we know they’ve floated removal methods past the CSM.

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