Starbase Low on Resources

If you have ever owned a POS you know the joy of fueling — or should I say continually ignoring the fuel alerts until your POS is about to go offline.


Since my main characters are pushing 90, 60, and 50 M skillpoints, I forgot what it is like to not be able to perform basic functions like fly a Badger, use a Expanded Cargohold module, or Cargohold Optimization Rigs.

My research alt in the POS owning corp is a character with around 2 M skillpoints focused for ME/PE and remote laboratory work. When I logged on to fuel the POS, I thought the operation was going to be a simple one. Grab a Badger, some fuel, and warp to the POS.

Error. A Badger requires Caldari Industrial to I. After attempting to add that skill, I got a warning that I needed Caldari Frigate III. Uf.

Fine, I’ll queue up all the Frigate skills to III so I can add Racial Industrial to I.


Since the POS was going to go offline in a matter of hours, my solution was to use a Frigate with Expanded Cargohold I modules to temporarily alleviate the problem until a proper Industrial ship could be flown.

I present to you my hauling Imicus. This beast is capable of hauling 129 Fuel Blocks (just over 6 hours of fuel time for a Medium POS), no DPS, and terrible align times.


Quite the humbling experience that brought me back to my first year in Eve when I ‘couldn’t do anything’.

7 Comments on “Starbase Low on Resources”

  1. gr4w3 says:

    LOL so with your mains having a collective 200 mil sp, You had to move 6 hours of fuel at a time?

    • Blake says:

      Yep, my mains were not in the POS corp so I had to figure some solution out on the fly.

  2. Macker says:

    Now that was funny. +1 for problem solving skills and -1 for forgetting what noobs experience. Try spending more time with them. It helps you appreciate how far you’ve come and how much CCP needs to improve if they want to grow this game.

  3. So your human after all and not just Mr Super Heavy Industrialist.

    I’m going to somewhat agree with Macker comment above. As well I’m going to have to give you a -1 for forgetting to Fuel your Starbase as someone such as yourself so involved in Research and Heavy Industry.

    While at it hope you didn’t overlook putting defenses on that tower as well. Never hurt to ask.

    Yet i know your pain as well since i got as I have to manage Fueling a large Tower.

  4. Gevlon says:

    You could fly your main next to the pos, jetcan the fuel, and the Imicus could pick the fuel from the can and fill into the POS in chunks.

    Why do you learn all 4 races for fueling? One race is enough.

  5. Nicodemous says:

    A Magnate with local expanders and small cargo rigs can haul 1600m3 in one go 🙂
    With no rigs, it’s 1057m3

  6. TurAmarth says:

    Do like we do… we live in a C6 with 14 or so other Lrg POSes… you run short of fuel you just ask on Mumble if anyone has any extra, spend a long while getting trolled and LOLed, pay Jita+20% for failing at EvE and it’s delivered right to your POS! LOL =]

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