Q1 2013 Financial Report


If I had to pick a word to describe the past quarter, I would say “uninspired”.

The Retribution expansion brought little to no change that affected my industrial operations or new styles of play. Hopefully there will be industrial changes in the newly announced Odyssey expansion to bring new life to this area of Eve.

I’ve been very hands off with the Capital construction division, as Raath has taken complete control of the production and sale cycles. Personal commitments have taken over my allotted Eve time. Q1 of the year means a return to a  workout cycle that prepares me for summer Triathlon and Open Water Swimming competitions. These sessions increase in intensity and duration leaving me in a wobbly, static state by the time I get home and power up the computer.

Slow and Steady

Daily trading has all but ceased as I’m relying on the Capital construction division to drive revenue. Right now our operation is performing at around +3.3 B/month, which is below my record of 8 B/month. Not bad for passive income, but not ideal.


Blueprint Changes

In late February a stealth change to NPC prices hit the live server. I have not added the 10-11% increase in value to my net worth yet. Since I own around 85 B in blueprints, this will be a nice increase in net worth.


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