Moon Minerals and PAX East 2013

Interesting to see moon minerals on one the Odyssey announcement slides at PAX East 2013. I hope that a serious look at industry balancing is going to take place now that the general population seems pacified by the content in the Crucible, Inferno, and Retribution expansions.

The icons shown are for R64 moons, which have concentrations skewed towards galactic quadrants as shown by data analysis. I can only imagine what they have planned as they have stating their intention is to remove passive static resource fountains such as the current moon mining system.


2 Comments on “Moon Minerals and PAX East 2013”

  1. wartzilla says:

    If they ‘rebalance’ R64s without touching the tech issue I shall have a hearty laugh.

  2. Stabs says:

    Well there’s a few issues up in the air.

    The presentation talked of resource distribution. The real issue is not resource distribution but resource utilisation. It’s broken that Technetium is needed in such vast amounts and things like Thulium are barely used at all.

    The next issue is harvesting mechanics. Ring mining has been floating around as a concept for some time. Is this coming in Odyssey and if so will it complement existing sources or replace them?

    And the last issue is geographical distribution, the concentration of resources in a particular corner will always make some space regions better than others. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, the second class status of the Drone Regions actually played out quite well for the people who lived there in Eve’s history.

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