Testing Tech 2 Invention and Production

Expanding Operations

In addition to trading, I’ve started up a small invention and Tech 2 production line. My initial approach is to start small and see how well items perform. For now I am going to be working with drones, bombers, and some popular modules. I’ve invented a few ships, but am holding off on producing them.


Invention Statistics 

I’m saving the invention job history to my database and wrote a small display to show overall and individual item invention success rates. I’ll add this summary to my monthly updates as I’m sure inventors will find it interesting.

Anshar Invention

My first Jump Freighter invention job was successful despite the ~39.8% calculated success rate given my 4-4-4 skills.

Attempting the job cost 36.3 M of items that are destroyed regardless of the job output:

1x Collision Measurements – 7.6 M
64x Mechanical Engineering Datacore  – 7.231 M
64x Gallente Starship Engineering Datacore – 21.438 M
Obelisk BPC – Copied from my BPO

Since I am not actively producing Freighters due to their low markup and currently dropping mineral prices, I put the Obelisk BPO back into an open copy slot. It takes around 43 days for one copy in an empire slot so you can see why Jump Freighters are slow to produce.

Further details of Jump Freighter production can be found here.

3 Comments on “Testing Tech 2 Invention and Production”

  1. Zqu says:

    Why did you choose not to add a value to your Obelisk bpc. I understand that it’s copied from your own bpo, but it still has a sale value. Wouldn’t it have been more correct to include it?

    • Azgarreth says:

      In an invention run, the BPC is not lost if the invention fails. I think this is why he didn’t include it 😉

  2. The success rate looks ok, what you kinda want to see is what that rate comes out to over time as you do increasingly more Invention Runs on the same item/item type (modules/ships).

    I say thats a very good successful invention on an Anshar for the singular first attempt. Many ways one can see how that one set of Invention can get quite expensive fast at the calculated cost you had there of 36 M a Invention run. Imagine a batch of 10 runs of those being run. I’d imagine you probably get at least X out of 10. Whatever X would be.

    Worst record I ever got on ship invention was 0 for 9 on an attempt to invent a Damnation with 4/4/4 skills. The heartburn that game was souring.

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