Eve Dust Integration Begins

We’re starting to see the beginnings of the Dust world in Eve.

Included in the Inferno Image dump are a bunch of Dust asset images. What’s interesting to me is that they are included in the image set that is used for icons — like the Neocom icon or the Science & Industry icon. There is a different image series for all the unique assets such as the Drake or a 1MN MicroWarpdrive II.

These images are from Inferno_1.0_Icons.zip in the Community Toolkit. (Ninja edit: I also found these icons in the Escalation image dump)

Another interesting item is that there is now a ‘Mercenary Bases’ type on the Overview filter.

I haven’t found any Dust related items in the static SQL data so if you find something, let me know. Time to put on your tinfoil hats and let the speculation game begin!

3 Comments on “Eve Dust Integration Begins”

  1. cptjames32 says:

    Most of those icons are used in Dust 514 ( i am playing the beta). Also the mercenary bases is what dust calls the in game towns(for lack of a better word). So i assume the overview merc base would be the warp in point for ships to bombard.

  2. Serpentine Logic says:

    Dust-related stuff started turning up in Crucible…

  3. wartzilla says:

    So it seems like there’s only Caldari and Gallente stuff in the game so far?

    I hope they don’t pull an Incarna and launch the game prematurely with only two races. That would be idiotic.

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