No New Taxes

Increased taxes are coming with the Inferno patch.

Market tax has been increased from 1% to 1.5% as a part of our initiative to keep the EVE economy healthy.
Inferno Patch Notes

This change won’t be too detrimental for me. I do fear for the smaller trader that has to work with <5% margins.

This change is part of their desire to add more ISK sinks to the game as noted during the 2012 Fanfest Economy presentation. During this presentation CCP showed that 50 T ISK was flowing in and 26 T out resulting in a net flow of +24 T ISK per month.

Adjusting a tax value is a very easy change with a large impact. More low-hanging fruit items to check off their list.

4 Comments on “No New Taxes”

  1. Camon Bear says:

    And just look at all the faction and complex items that arrived on the market first.
    Anyone think this was kept in someone’s top drawer until after the market was ‘improved’?

  2. Gevlon says:

    This is a very dumb move. The EVE tax is VAT and not income tax.

    It can be evaded by making longer, more complex chains by yourself or with corpmates, while leave the little guy and beginner trader with the tax.

    For example if you have the capital to buy ores directly from miners for your shipbuilding, you gain advantage over the guy who buys minerals from the open market.

  3. If CCP wants to increase the ISK sink vs what’s flowing into the economy every month then I can only also assume with the Drone Land changes to now bounties on drone kills vs minerals that the amount of ISK per month will increase in the economy on just that one thing alone.

    There are other ways they can add ISK sink:
    Increase station Manufacturing costs.
    Charge station docking fees.
    Stargate jump user fee (Must cost and ridiculous to build and no cost to maintain accurate star system alignment and upkeep).

    But in the end no one wants any new Taxes.

    You gotta wonder what the SCC is doing with all that Tax money. Last I checked the SCC only owned just 1 station in all of Space. Wonder where all that tax money is going…

  4. Bede says:

    turns out those new modules, the bpc’s are found via exploration / profession sites…
    which is kinda epic..

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