Crucible Fuel Blocks

If you haven’t read the upcoming POS fuel change, check it out on the CCP Devblog. Also read over Jester’s review of the upcoming change as he outlines the modification of each fuel type.

Caldari Towers

How much, how big, and how long? Here are the estimates for running the three sizes of Caldari towers at current Jita fuel costs.

For one month a Large Caldari Control Tower will cost 360 M to run, 144,000 m3 of Fuel Blocks moved around, and 1.5 days of build time for the Fuel Blocks.

Icon Change

The current icon set doesn’t differentiate the racial fuel blocks with color very well. James at k162space came up with more colorful icons to match the racial color styling as seen with the ECM modules.

CCP Proposed Icons

K162’s Proposed Icons

James has posted in the comment thread for the devblog and we’ve received some feedback from CCP Dropbear on Twitter. Perhaps the art department will give it a second pass. We would be happy to send along the 256×256 transparent PNGs!

[Edit] As Poetic Stanziel pointed out, color-blind people will have an issue with our proposed icon set. I think if CCP were to add our colorization to the existing icons, which have different metal bases and frames, we could have a real solution.

7 Comments on “Crucible Fuel Blocks”

  1. Eve Trader says:

    Maybe in a year or two they will actually give those proposed colors. it took CCP like 6 years to change the icons for BPO/BPC.

  2. Your colour designs are nice, but I think colour-blind people will have an exceptionally hard time telling them apart.

    I would add colour to CCPs designs. They work with colour-blind people due to the schematic difference in each icon, and colour adds an added bonus for those not afflicted.

  3. Nice coloring – you’re right that the current design isn’t easy to differentiate. The 144k m3 of fuel blocks is a scary proposition – that’s what, 3+ loads in an Iteron V, and more for any of the other haulers? Do you see that being an impact over how POS’ are fueled today?

  4. David Ellis says:

    I thought there might be a “bonus” with regard to planetary interaction materials and hauling. Unforunately, the planetary interaction material portion of each block is 30m3 and the ice portion of each cube is 127.6m3. Bugger. I didn’t include the unknown volume of the racial Isotope.

  5. Like your idea of the fuel being in the racial colors. Better outcome as you said with CCP is a combination of both the current design of each with the color combination.

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