I can’t remember the word for this

Taramura Muggins > i need a favor
haav0c > can do!
Taramura Muggins > if you connect to RRWI-5
Taramura Muggins > let me know, my alt is trapped there in a pod and I wanna get her to empire without losing implants if possible
Taramura Muggins > or anywhere in that constellation
haav0c > holy shit, man
Taramura Muggins > i know….
haav0c > i’m amazed that that is LITERALLY the other side of eve.

So, I head to jita, buy a buzzard t1/t2 fit (Lucky Bastard XI) with some sister probes and fly on down.

I get to the first null jump, warp to planet, warp to 100km of next gate, caught in a bubble. I immediately fly straight up and look around.

One Taranis, one Dramiel, in a bubble field that covers every celestial. I make a save 150km above and from there warp to the gate. one of the bubbles drags me past it by 7km, but i manage to recloak and jump through before explodey death.

Six jumps later, having made 150km safes on every gate along the way, I jump through… into another camp.

In a bubble.

In scram range of a lachesis and web range of a huginn.

AND, for the first time since flying to covops, I misclick and cloak a second too late after dropping cloak.


That doesn’t go well. So, Slight altercation of the route.

So, sick of making safespots, I warp full burn to the system in question, only bouncing off a planet when there’s something in local.

As an interesting fact, in those 35 odd systems I went through, I had to warp to a planet about ten times. And half of those were in stain. Anyway, I make it to the system, drop probes, scan.

Ten systems later, I find a WH that goes to lowsec, 7j from highsec. Dude gets the pod on, I scout it to the second to last gate with no incident. A few frigs, not much of a problem.

haav0c > clear otherwise
Taramura Muggins > kk
haav0c > sentinel warped off
Taramura Muggins > local emptied
haav0c > stabber/sentinel on gate
haav0c > stabber jumped
haav0c > other side…stabber, clear
haav0c > apart from the stabber
Takamura Muggins > omw
haav0c > warping to udianno gate
haav0c > local filling
haav0c > drake n vexor on duia
haav0c > both jumped
haav0c > gate clear
haav0c > where are you?
Takamura Muggins > onamam
haav0c > stabb, sentinel, omen on gate
haav0c > whoa
haav0c > fuck
Taramura Muggins > warping to udianoor
Takamura Muggins > what?
haav0c > gatecamp
Taramura Muggins > smartbombs?
haav0c > big
haav0c > no
haav0c > lachesis, cane, harby
haav0c > huginn
Taramura Muggins > well they cant bubble can they?
haav0c > nope
Taramura Muggins > this in udia
Taramura Muggins > ?
haav0c > ya
haav0c > no SEBOs
Taramura Muggins > on the out gate?
haav0c > no, UDI–>onamm gate
Taramura Muggins > oh fuck

13-14 man lowsec gatecamp. I cloak and MWD perfectly and get my ass out of dodge, friend warps through, warps STRAIGHT to the last gate, at zero.

Taramura Muggins > YAY I SAFE!

More proof of murphy’s law.

haav0c > annnd you’re ahead of me
Taramura Muggins > uyou good?
haav0c > CAREFUL
haav0c > ya
Taramura Muggins > smartbomb rokh
haav0c > …
Taramura Muggins > jumped througha dn started up
Taramura Muggins > i dead
Taramura Muggins > in jita
haav0c > FUCK
haav0c > wow.
Taramura Muggins > *sigh*
Taramura Muggins > lsot part of advanced spaceship 5
haav0c > well
haav0c > there’s a word for this situation
Takamura Muggins > errr
haav0c > i just have no idea what it is
Taramura Muggins > no
haav0c > no?
Taramura Muggins > fuckkkkk
haav0c > …
haav0c > T.T
Taramura Muggins > thatsd be the word

3 Comments on “I can’t remember the word for this”

  1. Laedy says:

    Oh wow. I’ve had a few days like that in EVE, but that’s… you’re right: “fuckkkkkkk”

  2. Otto says:

    See, that’s why you live in w-space. More sneaky, less camps.

  3. Hydro says:

    Lemme guess…thats the guy who always camps that lowsec gate with a stabbed, officer smarbomb rokh?

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