on PLEXes


I really hate PLEXes.

I mean I love them.

I mean…. Well, let’s go with I hate RMTing.

No, because I’m enjoying paying with PLEXes.

OK, I hate the PEOPLE who are on the other side of all the PLEX transactions I go through each month.

Only… I don’t hate them, I just think they’re idiots to the point that…… OK, I hate them.

Let’s start over. I’m working at a seasonal job in the service industry, and between using “sir” every other sentence and constantly smiling, I pulled in about 100$ for eight hours of labor on Sunday. That’s about what, 2.5 bil in PLEXes?

I really hate that. I hate that I press buttons, over and over, to make what can readily be compared to pennies in IRL cash while I am in fact actively making money to cover both the regular subscriptions of my accounts and enough PLEXes to fund my carriers come Christmas day. I’ve got a stigma, you see.

I started out Eve, as most players did a few years ago, completely effing lost. After about three weeks of stubbornly refusing to use the tutorial out of principle I manned up, read the three paragraphs it consisted of at that time (with lots of clicking in between sentences accompanied by “ooh, I can do that?”) and started mining. In a Navitas.

I mined, for a stupidly long time, with a few lasers and a frigate’s cargohold, until I could afford an Exequeror. I mined in that until I could afford a brutix, then till I could afford a retriever, covetor, and finally a hulk. The entire time I had been staring at those damn pieces of veldspar I’d be tabbed out, reading halada’s guide to mining and drooling over the hulk’s yield/hour and all the shiny things I could do to improve it.

It’s been about two years since then. I’ve lost a heck of a lot of hulks. As well as other ships. But, in any case, I lost them and worked to get them back, blood, sweat, gore, etcetera.

Now I’m to understand that someone can throw down 70 US dollars and have a hulk and a hulk pilot instantly in the char bazaar.

Now, what I hated about WoW was that mainly, you’d spend a month or five on the dungeon of the month, running it, dying it, and getting slightly shinier gear to run slightly harder dungeons.

Then, about once every three months, blizzard would hand everyone on the server the shiniest possible gear while simultaneously unveiling the next hardest dungeon which was doable using the gear that you had either spent the last three months, five hours every night obtaining and/or picked up off the street. It’s easy to parallel this to Eve and someone dropping five thousand dollars and getting a supercarrier for their troubles. I think the main reason that I tolerate this is that the Eve person isn’t someone playing in a parallel world that I can never touch, accepting the free hand up while I pound on the glass with bloody fists.

In Eve, that person? He’s a target. He’s used his money to get a leg up, but I can reach up with a hand crafted through sleepless nights of losses and kills (mostly losses), wrap around his neck and drag him back down.

It’s a nice feeling.

So hey, keep buying those plexes. I’ll be here, slowly paying my subs with isk and gaining friends and equipment. And when you try to cyno out of my interdictor or jump a gate in your rorqual?

You won’t be going anywhere.

5 Comments on “on PLEXes”

  1. Akinesis says:

    I bought and sold a PLEx once for an ISK bump. After reading this post I am suddenly overwhelmed with a feeling of guilt that I can only liken to boiling my little sister’s cute and fluffy bunny alive in front of her own eyes.

    You have shown me a new perspective on buying PLEx. Excuse me while I disappear into shadows and pod myself.

  2. mikeaazariah says:

    Excellent piece. I also have used a plex, once and that was to buy myself a present of a specific ship and skill set. (Proteus, which I regret)

    And yes, a person who has done the time, is known and has relationships and practice will still be the better player than someone who just plunked down the cash and bought his way to the top.

    On the other hand . . . . as you said . . . 8 hrs = billions, how long would those billions have cost you in game time of staring at the ass end of a rock? The justification for folks with good jobs to skip some of the grind to get to play with the shinies that they have IS a valid one, from their viewpoint.


  3. Luk says:

    Umm.. I am sorry you feel this way, but this kind of obsession with EvE and how PLEX can be used by someone else is a little unhealthy. It is just a game after all, and just because you have a crappy job right now and have a desire blow someone else up in Eve just because they have more money than you have time, doesn’t mean you will not be on the other side of the fence one day. Maybe you should use this energy for something more positive and play Plants vs Zombies or find a better job 🙂

  4. Bazz says:

    Nice one MZ.
    I think your point, which I appreciate as well and which makes eve > wow , is that you can buy the shineys in WoW or Eve. In WoW RL cash permits the “better job’d” to skip ahead to harder/more fun/more profitable content that the “crappy’r job’d” have to work for…and there is no risk to their investment. However in Eve purchased shineys can be taken, sometimes easily, by virtue of MZ’s other point, that working for the content might make the “harder worker” more skilled at making your RL cash pop in the game. Consider it someone (who is playing for free) taking cash out of your RL wallet…hur hur hur.


  5. Peter Davidowicz says:

    I despise RMT because it places a real world price on virtual data.

    But, you can’t deny it’s effectiveness from a business perspective.

    And so, as long as it stays just that and ONLY that, a business prospective for CCP to earn more subscribers, I’m ok with it.

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