OMG New Ship

So, we have a new ship. For PI.

It looks nice, and that’s about it. It’s almost exactly the same, functionality wise, as the Zephyr. It looks nice, it has a novelty or two but you’ll soon drop it for ANYTHING better. Unless you’re a trial account, who can’t use haulers. If that’s you, have fun with your 1600 command center bay and 1000 “PI bay”, cause you’ll have a heck of a time fitting anything in the 100 m3 cargohold, even with four low slots worth of expanders.

I’m a bit at odds with some people over new ships. On one hand, we don’t really need any. On the other, they’re really cool and you get that nice “new stuff in my game” feeling that isn’t a stripped down version of simcity or facebook.

Basically, for any given role in Eve, you’ve got the cheap option and the pricey option. If I want to haul through lowsec, I can drop 100 mil on an occator, 1 mil on a MWD and 6 mil on an improved cloaking device, or I can grab an itty V for less than a mil, another cloaking device and an afterburner for a mil. There’s a much greater chance I’ll splode, but it was cheap.

By the same reasoning, I can drop 20 mil on a nice interceptor, or I could throw about a mil at Jita and walk out with a tackle slasher. Any possible thing you want to do in Eve already has a cheap and expensive option, some with several of each. As much as I’d love a ship made of, say, gold and pudding, it wouldn’t cover any new ground because all the ground is already thoroughly covered.

So, being one of the few people who actually needs a Primae (forgot to train haulers on my alt and now can’t be asked), I’ll be hauling stuff, 1180m3 at a time, out of the customs office.

10 Comments on “OMG New Ship”

  1. EVE SOB says:


    Yeah, I am so keen to see how many extra clicks the Primae adds to opening the customs office…



  2. Chebri says:

    I hate to sound like I don’t appreciate neat new ships given to us by CCP but I can’t use the new toy for my PI. I run around and move far more than 1,000 m3 at a time. It is cool looking but what are we supposed to do with it? Deliver newspapers?

    I always enjoy your posts!

  3. Luk says:

    New ships are always cool, too bad it is going be a prime target for griefers due to its limited availability.
    Oh well, I use a heavy tanked BS to move expensive stuff through high sec just to avoid suicide gankers, so 1000 m3 is nothing to sneeze at.

  4. EVE SOB says:

    I’ll give it a spin for sure when I get off work today. I plan to blog a bit about the ship at some point. I have my Zephyr’s on each account safly tucked away. They are pretty but as you put it above, I am not going to break one out over a imicus or helios etc. I was hoping the Primae might actually prove to be more than just another hanger trophy.

    You read my stuff?!?!?! Well thanks, leave a comment some time. Even if you just tell me that cherry is not “cheery” in my last rant. 😉

    Been a fan of your blog as well mate! Fave to date was the april fools gone bad…



  5. Eric says:

    The only department that isn’t covered yet by cheap and expensive, is salvaging, and exploration. A CovOps can do exploration ofcourse, but you can’t even clear the most basic site in one. The more expensive option is a T3 ships with the correct modules.

    A low entry salvaging ship would be nice also for newer players.

      • Eric says:

        A catalyst with some sort of tractor beam / salvage bonus would be nice yes :).

      • raath says:

        noooooo. Not the Cat. The Coercer makes by far the best salvage platform. With even minimal noob skills you can have a 5 recycler, 3 tractor beam platform that’s still fairly cap stable with the MWD running.
        My expirience of the cat is that you can have either or but not all.
        Perhaps the 400m3 cargo is an advantage of the coercer’s 300 but that’s the only one I can think of.
        But agreed, destroyers should have a salavge or tractor beam bonus

  6. Caer Blai says:

    New ships are nice and all, I just can’t help feeling that the time time spent on the modeling and artwork wouldn’t better be spent on a ship more people find useful. You have a point about the cheap or effective tradeoff, but more often the risk vs reward tradeoff is what EVE is based upon. The risk of flying a ship like the Primae (due to inevitable suicide ganking) is much greater than the reward. There are much more nondescript ships you can fly that equal or beat the cargo space, such as the aforementioned Catalyst which can easily do 1200m3 and is faster and more agile to boot.

  7. Panthe Tek says:

    Also, when your Primae splodes it is gone foreverrr .-)
    Not a Low-sec toy for so many reasons.

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