Tyrannis: BOHICA, market!

So, apparently the t2 market hasn’t been destabilized enough by Dominion, so CCP plans to try harder by making another fairly large section that we’ve grown to know and love develop the economic equivalent of schizophrenia.

Today’s “let’s make the market more player-driven” target is pos fuel and structures. You know how now, even if someone corners the oxygen market, you can still buy from a NPC seller a few systems out?

They’ve all had virtual heart attacks. Simultaneously. Same with whatever kindly old man on the corner was selling PoSes which, according to the test server, are going to be built with planet goo and capital parts.

I can just SMELL the suicide ganking, with large towers being for one, very big and for two, very expensive.

From what I’ve seen and heard people complain about, Tyrannis is like an obsessive-compulsive model train operator’s wet dream. No less than four tiers of industry as compared to the moon goo’s three, the fourth of which can only be built on certain planets, and apparently it’s setup as instanced, so you can put your reaction…structures or whatever on a nice planet in Jita and work completely unopposed.

Erm…forget I said that, that sounds like a really good idea.

In all seriousness, with the freaking excellent eve-university guides, PI is starting to look right up my space-alley. The C1 WH has, as of speaking, ten planets, so I could setup a huge extractor setup (which I’d have to screw with every day) or make up a reaction chain (like the poses) which I probably wouldn’t have to screw with more than once every few days.

So, once again, my decision is between setting up some nice passive income addition, or actually having to press buttons. Or, just forget about the entire thing and stick w/ the PoS farm.

Again, once again, once we have some hard numbers on PI, I’ll know whether it’s worth my time to click often, or just keep doing other, more profitable ventures while my other passive income pays for everything forever.

What are you going to do?

One Comment on “Tyrannis: BOHICA, market!”

  1. Panthe Tek says:

    Same thing here, after I saw the “freaking excellent eve-university guide” on PI, got mesmerized by the atmospheric drum&bass background sound I was somehow convinced all these shiny new pixels could deliver me some reason to feel a little bit better about my daily EVE life.

    Although this is my step into territory where I do not shoot things. Perhaps because it reminds me of every strategic space game I have ever played, from Master of Orion 2 to the economic component of StarWars:Galaxies. Training a 2nd character to do the colonization and heavy lifting in low-sec, looking forward to it a great deal.

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