My train of thought is on a roller coaster.

I don’t tend to think things through, mainly because by the time I arrive at an answer, I’ve forgotten half the steps that I used to get to it. This usually makes me look like a genius, unless anyone asks me how I got the answer. Which makes me look like a fradle.

So, here’s my newest conclusion: CCP should extend the PLEX system to Dust.

The little I remember from the train goes like thus:

Player A buys a plex from CCP. CCP gets 15 bucks, player sells the PLEX for 300 mil.

Player A hires a DUST merc for 300 mil (damn!). Dust merc buys a plex (somehow), gives it to Microsoft or Sony or Nintendo. Gets a month of online console subscription

CCP sends online gaming provider 15 bucks. 10 bucks?

Effects of this:
Dust playing skyrockets.
Plex demand skyrockets.

Effect of PLEX demand skyrocketing:
Buy orders increase in quantity thus making value of plex go up, plex sell orders decrease, possible spiral?

What are your thoughts?

Also, here’s my excuse for making silly girly posts. I hope that qualifies.

P.S. If I wanted a forum response, I’d just go hang out at the tourette hospital for conspiracy theorists.

2 Comments on “My train of thought is on a roller coaster.”

  1. Klann says:

    A fradle. It’s acting like A fradle! Get it right please and thankyou! Also ccress still loves our haav0c

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