Hauling: how not to die

1. You probably won’t die, unless you’re carrying something worth lots of iskies or sentimental value, at which point Murphy’s law kicks in and it explodes half a kilometer off the station.
2. Try to make sure that the isk required to destroy your ship is more than the isk you currently have in your ship. example: Covetor BPO in a shuttle, bad idea. Covetor BPO in a freighter: silly, but good idea.
3. Freighters, although big and awesome, can be killed. It doesn’t happen often, but it will. Don’t autopilot with more than a bil in cargo.
4. Tech 1 haulers explode when a rookie ship coughs at them. Make sure you’re either good at running away quickly or never carry things that even LOOK valuable.
5. Making a courier contract and doing it yourself will not stop people from seeing into your cargo.
6. Nor will putting your stuff in GSCs (Giant Secure Container)
7. A cloaky hauler is not invulnurable, a blockade runner is fairly invincible w/ the right strategies.
8. The best defence against suicide ganks is an Orca (Industrial Command Ship). Would-be gankers can’t see inside it’s corp hangar so they won’t risk the time it takes.
9. If you have to AP to Jita, AP to one or two jumps before Jita. A smartbombing BS costs about 3-4 mil after insurance.
10. A BS can kill your hauler. Most BSs, after insurance, cost under ten mil, fittings included. Be very nervous while hauling more than ten mil in a T1 hauler.
11. A typical highsec gank of a deep space transport takes 4-5 BSs. Be careful when hauling more than 50 mil.
12. A typical highsec gank of a cloaky hauler never effing happens, because you’re cloaked.
13. Autopilot and going AFK are the two most easiest way to spray paint “hot fresh iskies” on the side of your ship.
14. A deep space transport can fit a goodly tank at the expense of cargo.
15. If you fit your deep space transport for tank you’re either trying to get past a gatecamp where you KNOW a Heavy Interdictor is not present or you’re being an idiot.
16. The people with brains will look past the deep space transport’s tank bonuses and note that it has enough powergrid to fit a microwarpdrive.
17. It is a perfectly legitimate use of game mechanics to align to a gate, engage cloak and MWD, then disengage them after one cycle and engage warp to produce an insta-warp effect.
18. Freighters are slow as frozen molasses. Ask a corpmate nicely for his webbs.
19. Freighters are essentially giant cardboard boxes. If you get wardecced, do not take them out of station.
20. Skate around wardecs by keeping your freighter alt in a newbie corp. This may make #19 difficult.
21. To let an out-of-corp person web you, have then jettison ammo and have the freighter take from it.
22. Oh wait.
22. Have the freighter pilot in another ship take from your can, then webb. Pay very close attention if you get concord threats.
23. when hauling through lowsec, use a blockade runner (warp cloaked), occator (Mwd/cloak trick), Orca (MWD trick, very expensive and skill intensive), or a freighter (with several friends)
24. The cloak/MWD trick will not help very much against Warp bubbles in nullsec. Use a cloaky hauler.
25. When caught in a warp bubble, find the closest edge NOT on an align point with anything. Approach, turn on AB/MWD and cloak. Slooooowly make your way to safety.
26. Drones decloak you. IF you get decloaked for any reason you’re probably dead, burn out the bubble and try to align to something.
27. When in a T1 hauler/cloaky hauler, be wary of smartbombing gatecamps. Silly as it seems, have a tank on your cloaking ship.
28. If you find yourself screwed downriver, like protocloaked w/ no velocity next to a ten man gatecamp, sit there and wait for someone else to get caught, THEN try to run.
29. Evade station gatecamps by having a BM about 1,000 km away from the station on a line with how you undock. Instawarp happens every time and foils gatecamps, assuming no bubbles.
30. Jita IV moon four station has a moon and planet that fits this criteria.
31. In a fight between haulers and combat ships, there can only be two endings: the hauler dies or the hauler lives. Try to avoid the former situation by being verrrry careful.
32. Having a hauler that can warp cloak or protowarp scout for a hauler that can’t is a good strategy when traveling through lowsec.
33. Using two haulers that can cloak is a much better strategy.
34. Despite what your friends say, using a scout in null and lowsec is not “unmanly”.
35. JFs make all your lowsec hauling problems go away, unless you don’t know how to use one, in which case you shouldn’t get one.
36. If you’re too “noobish” to understand any of the above, then what the hell are you doing w/ over 100 mil and/or ask a corpmate.

[March 9 Addition]

5.4 B Iteron V (Gallente T1 Industrial) killmail

1.2 B Mammoth (Minmatar T1 Industrial) killmail

0.59 B Madger Mark II outside Jita 4-4 killmail

18 Comments on “Hauling: how not to die”

  1. mandrill says:

    Good tips. You’ll be putting us pirates out of work 😛

  2. Yargok says:

    Hm, if you must afk autopilot, how about a tanked BS or BC?

  3. Nitpick: Blockade Runner IS the cloaky hauler. The other T2 hauler is called “Deep Space Transport”, Transport or DST for short.

  4. […] Miningzen posted exactly the info I needed to get started on how to move around with my fancy new Transport over at K162Space.  The most important for me is #17:  ”It is a perfectly legitimate use of game mechanics to align to a gate, engage cloak and MWD, then disengage them after one cycle and engage warp to produce an insta-warp effect.” I’ve bookmarked the post though as the rules he has listed seem to be a good overall guideline to minimize the risk of hauling expensive cargo. […]

  5. Cyberin says:

    Just catching up on my google reader…so a little late…but number 5 is wrong…

    you can’t see what is in a courier contract…ever…

  6. n0th says:

    n00b player here(1.8M SP).
    Ouch, i knew that suicide ganking happens, but 10M in t1 hauler? :O
    I thought that i’ll be rather safe hauling minerals in high when warping to zero…

  7. […] By the way, thanks to Miningzen for the correction on my interpretation on how to handle my cloaky hauler.  Take a look at his comment to my last post for the correction.  Again, stop by his site at K162Space for a few tips on using your transport in Eve Online. […]

  8. Anxiir says:

    Sorry this is an old post, but for the record, drones DO NOT decloak you.

    • miningzen says:

      Really. The last six gatecamps had interceptors with hobgoblins assigned to them orbiting. Are you saying that drones are not considered an object by the game’s “any object within 2km will decloak you” because I’ve been unable to cloak in my domi(don’t ask) when i had my drones orbiting but had no issues when I sent them to assist someone else.

      Of course, the moment I cloaked I lost connection with the drones but that’s not the point.

  9. ritchan says:

    Thanks. Looks like I have to work my way up to a few million ISK worth of transactions before I fear gankers then 😀 I just discovered the wonders of EVE Central.

  10. trade finder says:

    ritchan – there are alternative trade finders, check them out:

  11. Stel says:

    Very helpful guide for me as new player here just one question what is JF?

    “35. JFs make all your lowsec hauling problems go away, unless you don’t know how to use one, in which case you shouldn’t get one.

  12. Vila says:

    8. The best defence against suicide ganks is an Orca (Industrial Command Ship). Would-be gankers can’t see inside it’s corp hangar so they won’t risk the time it takes. (Edit: they can now, yer fucked.)
    Nope. Only NPC security can see into an Orca’s corp hangar, players can’t.

  13. someeveperson says:

    Old guide, quite a few things are out of date.
    -Orca holds are scannable vs blockade runners
    -insurance payout to gankers
    -suspect flagging
    -warp mechanics

  14. Jay says:

    Yep, this is an old guide as stated by someeveperson, a few things have changed:

    *Orca is now cargo scannable, and has been rendered much less effective as a hauler because of this – it is also no longer able to swap out ships via it’s hangar, when the pilot accessing the hangar has been misbehaving 😉

    *Blockade Runners (i.e.T2 cloaky haulers) are not cargo scannable, and I think they have gained a tiny bit more space iirc.

    *Freighters & Jump Freighters can (as of 2013’ish) pick up and drop Jetcans and containers etc. in space (Freight Containers in space are now often full of ore). They also have 3 low power slots now, with a -100% to CPU requirements of Reinforced Bulkheads (hull buffering) as of Mid 2014

    *If you steal / pick up a yellow jetcan now, you are flagged as a criminal. When this happens EVERYONE is free to take a crack at you for a few minutes, doesn’t matter if you’re in an Ibis or a 6.5Bil JF it’s your ass if ANYONE happens by…

    *To do the webbing trick, challenge your buddy to a duel. Aggression mechanics are ignored between the 2 duelling parties (only) for a few minutes, or until they change session (dock, gate jump etc.) iirc

    *Warp mechanics have changed quite a bit. Pulsing a prop mod (microwarp drive or afterburner) will still increase your ships acceleration, allowing for a faster warp out once aligned – provided that your ship was taking longer than about 9 seconds to warp out in the first place – but warp speeds have almost all been revised, and there’s a new warp acceleration mechanic in place which causes heavier ships to take longer to accelerate from start of warp out to max warp speed than before, same goes for deceleration, so you will be spending more time in warp, and not getting where you are going as fast as you would have a year ago.

    *Anything within 2000m will still decloak you, even your own drones. So junk left around a gate at 12km will still decloak you if you are close to it. I lost a crow with 260mil in random stuffs just the other day because of it LOL

    *Oh yeah and gankers / aggressors will get paid out if they lose an insured ship for whatever reason.

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