Carrier Bounce

We had an encounter with a rather large T3/T2 fleet from Black-Wing (B-W) Corporation this week in WH space that resulted in two Hulks and a Carrier loss.

For a number of hours, we had been mining a 150,000 unit Crokite roid. For those of you that don’t know, a 150 K unit roid is rather large. In order to not bounce off of it, you have to warp to 20 K away.

Our Carrier pilot wanted to have some fun so he warped the Carrier to 0 on the roid. This resulted in the Carrier coming out of warp inside the roid and bouncing away at 5,000 m/s.

Just as the Carrier was starting to slow down, Combat probes showed up on the directional scanner.

[ 2009.11.09 20:52:03 ] Blake > COMBAT PROBES
[ 2009.11.09 20:52:09 ] s > oh shit
[ 2009.11.09 20:52:13 ] H > to POS ppl
[ 2009.11.09 20:52:46 ] h > omw back!
[ 2009.11.09 20:52:56 ] s > holy shit
[ 2009.11.09 20:53:25 ] T > theres too many tech 3 out there
[ 2009.11.09 20:53:49 ] T > legion legion loki diemos proteus tengu tengu

Black-Wing had a good scanning crew and were on top of us within 40 seconds and caught us in a moment of vulnerability. We were able to get 3 out of 5 Hulks back to the POS before the Phobos bubble was up. To our dismay, the bubble trapped two Hulks and the Chimera Carrier.


Chimera Under Attack

The Hulks were destroyed within a few seconds and then they started to work on the Carrier. We counted 11 T2/T3 ships that assaulted the Carrier. After some smacktalk in local, and a threat to take down our POS, or Carrier pilot began his self-destruct sequence so they would not get a Carrier killmail.

*BOOM*, Self-destruct.

After a few minutes, we saw the T2/T3 fleet go off directional and a salvage crew arrive on-site to salvage the Carrier and Hulks wrecks.

The lesson? It is ok to play with your capitals (if you insure them).


1680 x 1050 no Overview screenshot of Chimera Carrier under attack.
Black-Wing (B-W) Killboard

13 Comments on “Carrier Bounce”

  1. Cal says:

    Blake, quick question:

    How was the Chimera fitted? Speaking from experience, my Thanatos would have laughed as the 11 T2/T3 ships assaulted it. I could have tanked them indefinitely, while giving others plenty of time to hop into combat-capable ships and take the fight back to the enemy.

    • Even though this is quite an old post, I can’t help but comment on the sheer lack of knowledge shown above.

      Let’s assume that each ship in the t2/t3 fleet could put out AT LEAST 500 dps (on average). 500 DPS * 11 = 5500 DPS… and that is a pretty lowball estimate of the incoming damage.

      Unless you are using a officer fit worth well more than your carrier, meaning the best officer EANM, and officer hardener, you would still have to overheat your reps in order to meet the 5500 dps damage mark. So that alone would leave you with very limited time before your reps crapped out and you die… Or with a much more realistic Imp. navy hardener setup… EVEN overheated with two reps and all level 5 skills you can only rep 4200 ish DPS with the faction fit Thanny. Most likely they are fitting neuts, since according to their KB they know how to kill Carriers, so you cap-stability is going to be non-existent, most likely meaning your reps stop working after the first 2 minutes of the fight. After that, you are dead, overheat your reps to try to keep up, they burn out, and you are dead again. Even with your overheated reps running the whole fight… 5500 estimated DPS > 4200 DPS tanked.

      Unless you fit your carrier for Triage in a WH, then you would likely survive if you have enough stront to keep you alive until they grow bored, unlikely from my perspective, as they would likely just rally more people. I know I would drop what I was doing to come in and kill a carrier.

      There is no way that your Thanny would “laughed” unless you find it dying horribly amusing.

      Further, what’s the deal with people wanting to self-destruct their ships if they are tackled rather than fighting for every last gasp? I just do not understand that mentality AT ALL. Oh noes, not a Internet mail saying i died! eek!

      To the blogger, nice story, sorry you all lost your(meaning the corps) carrier because the carrier pilot was a moron, risks of WH space though right? From what I can gather you make more money out there than you lose by ganks or nobody would be out there!

      • miningzen says:

        Well, I like to think that if you bought a ming vase, and loved it, and a bunch of dudes were running at it with sledgehammers, then I’d rather blow up the vase with C-4 than let them have the satisfaction of smashing it.

        Also, the pilot told us he had bought it for 700k, but he may have been lieing.

      • carrier bouncer man says:

        was actually 620mil, and no its not a lie 🙂

  2. That’s a bummer, did you guys get to self destruct or did they get the mail?

  3. Sonoftheflame says:

    We scouted your system earlier in the day and planed to run some Stealth Bombers but B-W got there first 😛

  4. haav0c says:

    and thus, the mystery of the covops that no-one else claimed is solved!

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  6. HyPer says:

    lol logan you don’t have anychance what they ppl don’t sayed the other ships like a BhaaLgorn ….. ähhmmmmmmm ……. just for tipp ;P

  7. miningzen says:

    2 sleipnirs 1 rook 1 bhaalgorn 2 lokis 2 proteus 1 deimos 2 tengus
    correct ship roster, name of informant omitted not for privacy but since I can’t spell/pronounce it.

    • I like to think I would use the C4 to blow up as many of the dudes with the hammers before they could get to my ming vase so at best it would be a hard fought victory. Self destructing is like sacking your own city to prevent the hordes from doing the same. At least they don’t get the satisfaction is crap, the object they came to destroy is still dead so objective complete, be it a ming vase or a Carrier in a WH.

      Even if the pilot bought the carrier for 1 isk there is a thing called “opportunity cost.” This is when you buy something for some value UNDER market price and yet it still is worth the same amount as market cost. He could have sold the ship for full price, or flown it in the future for isk gains that cover more than the cost of the ship. Even if he produced the carrier himself, the time it took to mine the mats, assemble the parts etc is still time that costs isk via the time = money equation. Nothing is ever “free” or “only worth 700k.” To replace the ship he still either had to pay the full cost of the ship + insurance and cost of modules, or at the very least, opportunity cost of the ship & modules.

      With the ships listed above any carrier would be dead quickly without support, Bhaalgorn is especially nice for killing carriers with guns + Neuts, not to mention the other ships 🙂

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