T3 PvP

A Legion and Tengu entered our C5 system and logged off at some point unnoticed by any of our pilots. When my WH partners came online one afternoon after downtime and started mining, the T3 ships attacked; 2 Hulks down. Later in the day, I thought the system was clear so I started mining; 1 more Hulk down.

At this point the damage was 3 Hulks, so around 300 M in damage.

A corpmate scanned down an exit to empire and found that our C5 linked to a C2 with friendlies, who had a direct link to Amarr. We got a lot of compressed ore, C320, and C540 gas out to market.

We talked about getting the Orca back in WH space from Amarr with new Hulks, fuel, and mods.  We took a defensive approach to the Orca move and fleeted up to camp the WHs. A Dominix, Raven, Apocalypse, Typhoon, Prophecy, and Wolf camped the WHs as the Orca moved back to the POS.

As the Orca finished the jumps from Amarr into the C2, and finally from the C2 into our C5, a Tengu appeared 186 K off of the C2 Amarr WH.

Tengu 186 K Away

We had a good force, so we decided to engage. Once the Tengu got some fire on it, a Legion and Megathron came online to defend it. We took a beating and lost around half our fleet with no losses to the T3/Megathron fleet.

We retreated into our C5 and the WH linking to the C2 closed behind the T3/Megathron force. We warped to our POS and then sat quiet for a few minutes. The Tengu pilot started to talk in local.

Buying a Route

They were trapped!

After some more talk in local, we learned that they have been scouting us out for a few days and were staying logged off in our system. They waited for us to start mining and then warped to the Gravmetric site we were working on to gank us. Easily done as we only had 1 active Gravmetric site.

We agreed on the price of 500 M for scanning down a new exit after we had another round of PvP. They agreed and we selected a planet.

1x Tengu
1x Legion
1x Megathron


1x Chimera (Caldari Carrier)
2x DPS Typhoon
1x Tackle Taranis
1x Dominix fitted for Remote Repping

We got the Megathron down first and then worked on the Legion. Soon only the Tengu was left and it had one amazing tank. It was successfully tanking 8x Carrier Fighters, 2x Typhoon, 5x Ogre I’s, and other smaller drones. We were not able to break the tank, so we congratulated the Tengu pilot and let him warp off.


We got 250 M for scanning down the C2 WH and another 250 M for the empire link. After salvaging and looting the wrecks, which were full of Faction gear, we came out ahead in the fight.

I lost a Hulk and a rigged Dominix and managed to net 100 M. Not a bad day in WH space.

5 Comments on “T3 PvP”

  1. Squizz Caphinator says:

    Wow, this sounds like you had a fun time!

    And ya know, if you would’ve kept at the Tengu he might have capped out, but of course that depends on his fit.

  2. trip says:

    I am glad you guys got them. They have been going around and camping WH’s the past few weeks and ganking people. They got one of my ships two weeks ago. Nice work! As for the tengu, it was probably active tanked and a cap drainer on the carrier would have folded the tengu really quick.

  3. trip says:

    fyi… here is a link to the Tengu setup that he was probably using…


  4. A most common mistake, using extremely expensive ships and not having a dedicated scout in a covops, or even a meager frigate. Never EVER go to W-space without a dedicated scout who always comes in first and jumps out last.

  5. Cal says:

    A passive tanked and/or cap stable Tengu tank wouldn’t be up to absorbing all of that damage from you guys. Instead, he was likely relying on cap boosters, and would’ve eventually capped out if you’d kept the fire on, resulting in another kill.

    However, good for you in letting him go. You showed a fair amount of class in doing so. Need more pilots like you guys, and less like the average EVE player. 🙂

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